1. Same here...that alone would cause me to hate it.

  2. Did you ever have any luck with this? I've had the same issues and I'm wondering if the image I downloaded is corrupt, especially since balenaEtcher tells me it is. Tried writing the image to the SSD with Raspberry Pi Imager and Win32Disk Imager... no luck either way. Pi 4 will not boot with anything.

  3. Yes, I did get it to work...I tried different media & it went through just fine! You issue definitely sounds like it's corrupt. I know it's a pain to re-download it, but it's better than spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Good luck! 👍

  4. Android Auto is awful.... at least on the RAV4. As others mentioned, I suggest using Waze for navigation as it does have music integration as it is the best navigation app by far.

  5. Thanks for your input & advice. As soon as we can get the actual AA screen up I'll make sure she installs waze on her phone. She's neither patient nor very tech-savvy, so that's why I usually handle these things. Right now, she's about 300 mi away, so this should be fun. 😉

  6. Are you talking about the "apps" button on the infotainment? Those are Toyota apps. You need to go to Android Auto page. I get there by selecting "Maps" once my phone is plugged in and going.

  7. Ah, gotcha. They certainly don't make them easy to find, do they? Thanks! 👍👍

  8. I'm beginning to wonder if I made another mistake like I did with the Ouya & the Amico. They seemed to have moved away from my series of order #s, and for that matter when was the last time we even received a shipping update? 😡

  9. Nobody can unless you are on a current package.

  10. Even then you can't...when I tried I still had to call.

  11. do you have a phone number? trying to set up internet and this is becoming rough

  12. Yep, try 1 800 934-6489, and good luck! 👍

  13. Needle in a haystack. you may have the solution for me, you saint of a human!!

  14. No need to be afraid really, just careful. In cura (assuming that's what you're using) there are spots for beginning & ending gcode in the printer properties. It's a little weird to edit it, as you can't really see a cursor in those boxes, but that's where you need to look. 🙂

  15. I had a nozzle clog, and this is the only way I figured it out...at least I think it's correct. Anyway, there's a metal clip with 2 "arms" on it that straddle either side of the hotend. It's pressure from the hotend on this clip that triggers the abl (again, conjecture).

  16. I love Launchbox...been using it for years now. Yeah, the $25 pricing may seem a bit steep but after that I haven't paid a penny for any updates. There's an enormous community behind it, and they're constantly making improvements to it...including poling users on what features they'd like to see in the future.

  17. Sorry I had to repost this; I goofed which images I posted on the first attempt.

  18. Wish they'd start ramping up pro shipping...231xx will take years to arrive. 😔

  19. That's an awesome idea! I was thinking about getting t-handle ones, but these look just as good! 👍👍

  20. If it's a stepper motor, you don't just need a power supply. You also need a controller to drive the motor. Stepper motors are driven by a sequence of pulses controlling the precise relationship between the currents in two sets of coils in the motor. They don't just run from a power supply like an ordinary DC motor can.

  21. Yeah, I kinda figured you would say that. Too bad the poster failed to list any of that with the model. I'm assuming I'd need a tft also in order to turn it on/off etc, right?

  22. Hm...that's interesting. I've never heard of that happening only on small models. If no one else chimes in, I'll ask my friends about it.

  23. My first ones broke due to my mistake but these new ones broke with little force. I got them off ebay so that could be why, some shobby thing.

  24. I still have my originals from my Ender...they long outlasted the printer lol! Anyway, check these out in the meantime: Kaisi KS-107 Flush Cutter

  25. Now that there is some of that modern art, I'll tell you what! 🤣

  26. They did the same thing to me on my very first printer. Instead of an Ender 3, they sent me water filtration pitcher...🙄

  27. Never lose control of the free end of the filament. It should be in your hand, in the extruder, or clipped to the side of the spool. Nowhere else. Losing control of your filament is the surest way to introduce a tangle, and such tangles can travel down the spool a surprising distance, as filament is used up.

  28. Yeah, see that's what has me curious. Since it always seems to happen nearer to the core of the spool, I'm wondering if the lack of weight on the spool is contributing. I'm going to look at the spring loaded option now. Thanks! 👍

  29. Half the price and not even close in terms of power and don't even get started on when these will actually finally release and ship

  30. From what I can see, they're available now. Before this, I didn't have the option to add it to my cart.

  31. I was referring to the Aya air plus and the Loki devices

  32. Wondering what everyone thinks about this....supposed to ship next month. 🤔

  33. I have no need for it as far as gaming goes. Too weak for the price. It might be kinda cool for non gaming.

  34. Even way back when, the og gpdwin sucked...gaming & otherwise 🤣

  35. Even way back when, the og gpdwin sucked...gaming & otherwise 🤣

  36. I hear you...reality slapped me silly with that little factoid just the other day lol

  37. WELL! The mystery just gets deeper. I opened an Amazon shipment, when lo & behold this was waiting to greet me! What makes it super-strange is the handheld did not (and still doesn't) show up on my orders list. Now I must try it out to see if/how it works.

  38. That is correct...and better yet it even works 🤣

  39. I ordered my pro the other day, so we'll have to see what happens. 🤞🤞

  40. They made a video about to, if you well, still need it

  41. My nozzle just clogged up (thinking bad batch of filament) so this will be very helpful, but whatever happened to having easy access to the hotend? 😔 I'm hoping not to have to replace the hotend too, and it looks like a whole production number to get to it lol.

  42. I think I saw something about a shipping update late this week.

  43. My wife has relatives with that bad accent, and I lmao when I hear it 🤣

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