1. He didn't. If his jumps had been called in the free he would have been off podium. Only the 4S got a q, the 4Lo or 4F didn't. Add to this that he had almost 92 PCS with three bigger mistakes in the free skate. If people want to nitpick Hanyu's scores so much, then they shouldn't ignore Uno's scores either.

  2. Shoma still gets generous tech calls. So the ISU's pro-Shoma judging there wasn't anti-Hanyu

  3. It’s because Hanyu won the 2018 Olympics and Chen did not. Some may say that’s an important competition.

  4. I don't understand why she was mad about Katy taking her dancers for tour. Like sis, if those people left you that easily, why do you want them on your team anyways? Also, maybe if she wasn't such a toxic manipulative lying snake, the dancers wouldn't have left in the first place, just saying.

  5. Taylor was actually mad at Katy for dating her ex, John Mayer. She just made and embellished that background dancer story up to fit a feminist brand she was going for at the time.

  6. Interesting reflection here, I found the sub's reaction to yesterday's "splatfest" interesting all around. I am never happy to see people fall or be disappointed, but there is a part of me that has loved this season because I truly never know what will happen next. Sometimes the commentators mention a certain result as being 'surprising' or 'unexpected'. I think they too have gotten used to assuming a medal at one event translates to a season of unbroken podium spots. I'd personally rather see the ups and downs of an athlete over time. It's possible I just love chaos though.

  7. When people describe skaters falling once in their FS as a "rough outing", I eye roll.

  8. Also interesting to me that Ilia got 83 PCS at Worlds this year for a program he almost lost it but 76 PCS today for a far more smoother one. How can anyone trust the scoring system when this keeps happening?

  9. When people say “PCS should be weighted more”, I’m like why do we want to boost a system that doesn’t work / doesn’t make sense.

  10. If I’m getting this right, Ilia was doing a live ig video and invited Morisi. Morisi then (wanted to) reply ‘sorry guys I can’t now 😅’, but with a glorious misspelling that resulted in the above

  11. Morisi was trying to spy on his competitor this weekend and probably didn't know Ilia could check who was viewing his live 😆

  12. No because the hate Charli and mark have been getting is ridiculous. Like I haven’t seen this much hate with Jojo or zendaya or heather morris (or Mackenzie Ziegler) (or any of the figure skaters that were on the show). If we really wanna be specific on the whole previous dance experience thing, heather morris danced professionally for Beyoncé and was on SYTYCD, zendaya literally was trained in hip hop so well that she was the pro for when she and Val had to do hip hop (and I loved it), and Jojo was already in another dance competition show as a kid and she had prior experience with more types of dance than Charli.

  13. Wait why is Audrey's score kinda low? Didn't Rion and Haein miss a jump? Their scores are so close to hers

  14. USFS politicking has gone to Isabeau, Star and Amber, and not Audrey, Ava Marie and Lindsay

  15. That's pretty rude of Chris to call Ilia a 'pretender' although I presume that is not the intent.

  16. With the 4lz+1Eu+3S, does it take half the BV of the 4lz even though he fell on 3S

  17. Isabeau looks kind of frighteningly skinny...I hope it's just teenage girl gangliness.

  18. It would be notable to mention that Isabeau’s coach idolizes Eteri. And we know the team tut diet strategy

  19. i s2q if levito is put ahead of rino and half the other performances weve seen today with the horrific technique she has ill scream, rino has beautiful flow and it deserved to be rewarded

  20. As an avid dance fan, I like Ilia's performance quality too. One correction: Shae-Lynn Bourne did Ilia's FP, not SP. I liked the short outfit from last night. The Lake Placid outfit looked dull.

  21. I dont know about a whole new album. Anti Hero was good. Gimme another whole folklore.

  22. To be fair, quickstep is one of the hardest dances too and Charlie and Gabby have done it already, every pro says it's a super hard dance to do specially in the first weeks. The contestants that I feel like are constantly given hard dances would be Trevor and Vinny tbh, like, Sam had a samba last week but it was better than this weeks paso IMO, and paso is arguably one of the easiest dances to learn? (at least according so some pros) the thing is that it needs posture and intensity. Other than that, he got the foxtrot and the V Waltz, so the producers were definitely playing safe with him until they decided it was his time to go home. Also, I have to say that, Trevor's samba was nowhere near as bad as the judges made it look. Just the song/movie combo that was super weird, but I think that even with that Emma managed to create a good choreo and an entertaining number.

  23. His other quads don't have the same ridiculous height as his 4A, so I'd be curious to see how actually easy this is for him. Like his other quads actually have had more rotation issues than his 4A attempts we've seen. (Nathan and boyang get way more height on the 4Lz, for instance)

  24. I think he has stated that 5S would be the easiest out of the 5 for him. Ilia also said 5Lz is a career goal for him, as he has over-rotated 4Lz before

  25. I love ilia but let’s be honest, that’s a “im going to beat you until I retire smile.”

  26. My coach was approached and we shot a pilot, we did have similar drama to Dance Moms as we knew each other for many years. The storyline production wanted us to stick with was Kandra (our Maddie) vs Naya (our Chloe)

  27. So it was similar to the dance moms format where production wanted to follow one group, compared to the original idea of DM where production would pick a few girls from different studios each episode to highlight. I would imagine the latter concept would be easier to do for FS.

  28. At first, we were only for one episode and they later decided to stick with us because we had the most drama. The pilot that aired like I said earlier was the "sizzle" and only was to see how many viewers liked the show. We had about 1-3 episodes maybe shot before they pulled the plug.

  29. The guy in the background going "Mmmmm..." after the media voice-overs is all of us


  31. A video of Team Tut was released a week back that had like 2 seconds of Sasha practicing her SP and Kamila & Eteri doing the ending section of the FS together, so some of us knew before today

  32. Sometimes they decide together with the skaters. Sasha said they asked her what she wants to skate to. Alena’s Twilight was her desire, so was Alina’s Carmen and Yulia SL (Eteri initially opposed it for being too dark and grown up). I think it depends on the skater and her character. Some are literally kids without much musical knowledge or preference, others like Yulia and Alena have strong personalities and opinions. I doubt they would impose on Kamila such a personal program without her consent or desire to skate it.

  33. kamila has something in her skating that cannot be taught. of course the doping is unacceptable etc but there is that magic in her skating that cannot be denied

  34. The extra stamina from the heart medication would give you extra time to work on performance, musicality and quality of movement over your competitors

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