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  1. Not really a big deal 😹 thank you for the final word on the topic God

  2. You're saying that because he was a murderer. You probably have some 'worse' fetishes. What an hypocritical dude.

  3. I’m saying it because he put it next to ‘favourite meals’. Also really weird to assume that someone speaking on something is a hypocrite when you literally don’t even know them

  4. It's almost obvious, people are generally predictable in some areas, that is why I'm assuming it. Also, I said "probably", I didn't completely confirm it.

  5. I think it’s because they aren’t here to defend themselves so unless there’s strong strong evidence, people don’t want to accept it

  6. 9/11 was pretty horrific, very similar situation on flight 93. The working theory is that passengers rallied and broke down the cockpit door or at least were in the process of trying to regain control of the plane when they hijackers crashed the plane. Horrific stuff.

  7. Sitting in huge amounts of her own shit? Which was smeared all over her body, caked in her ears? Sure. That's exactly where she was most comfortable... (blatantly sarcastic)

  8. Look at the commenters account, she asks a carer related question. What the fuck? Scary individual

  9. Maybe she would kick and scream when they attempted to take her anywhere. She was autistic after all. Have you never been around someone with severe autism?

  10. I guess a hell of a lot depends on putins mental state and whether he would actually care if his country was destroyed. That’s why the rumours about his health are so prevalent, if he’s dying he doesn’t care what happens in the future because he won’t be here for it

  11. You are right. If the west keeps backing putin into a corner he prob will use tac nukes, then what the world ends over Ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 countries in 2021, the second most corrupt in Europe, with Russia the most at 136.

  12. How is she still alive? Can’t imagine the brain fog she must have

  13. There are so many missing persons in the world. Contact the coroners.

  14. And the type of person to graffiti a dick usually A. Has one B. Has never seen a vagina in person

  15. Fear the walking the dead is better then the walking dead sad you think that’s the best zombie show ever when it was the only one forever it’s just the base it’s boring nothing ever happens same drama and no zombie killing

  16. I said ‘for the first couple of seasons’. Did you read ANY of my comment 🤦‍♀️. Fear the walking dead jumped past the initial outbreak even though that was why most people tuned in to it - to catch up on what Rick missed.

  17. Omg what is she stepping over right at the end? It pulls itself away

  18. I think it was the fact that there was two of them. One angry student shooting people is scary enough but two makes it seem more like it was a mission for them to kill as many as possible

  19. It gives people something visual to watch while they listen. If they talk respectfully I don’t see the issue

  20. I think Maura Murray most likely committed suicide or died of exposure in the woods.

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