1. She also lives with and supports a rapist. And she actively victim blames. Never liked her.

  2. I get that, and that’s not why I posted this at all. I posted this for the simple fact that you do not video someone in a bathroom especially without their permission. This girl has been involved with a predator as well and laughed at his victims. She never has given me good vibes

  3. I’m my personal opinion I think she has some sort of substance abuse problem. Her eyes are almost always glossy asf and one night on live she was slurring so bad then the next day blamed it on something else. Just pay attention to her eyes.

  4. I wouldn’t have thought she’d have a substance issue after watching what happened with her sister…

  5. My thing is.. with two terminally ill children why wouldn’t you have some kind of life insurance set in place. Idk

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