1. I thought this was real, I had so many questions

  2. Great so it’s not just me that sees it 😂😂

  3. Picture it, March 2011. I’m 15 years old scrolling through tv at around 2am. There’s nothing good on, so (and I shit you not) I decide to see if that RuPaul woman my parents recorded on a vhs tape by accident years ago is on tv. When I was a little kid, if the old vh1 show did come on, it was late at night. So I associated late nights with rupaul and adult swim.

  4. For some reason bag OF chips is doing it for me the most 😂😂😂

  5. Why are we sitting here… bullying each other? I think it’s highly inappropriate

  6. Every time I see that anniversary castle I can’t help think of how complex the building process must’ve been. Only to then change it BACK mere months later

  7. Ehh that’s somewhat better but it still seems like a lot of work for something that isn’t gonna stay there forever

  8. Anyone remember peltra from Dial M for Monkey?

  9. It’ll be up on roscoestavern on YouTube probably tomorrow.

  10. Makes me think of when we had critiques in art school and the people who made trash art had to explain how MEANINGFUL it was and all the REFERENCES and get all upset to make people not rip on it

  11. I do not miss those days💀I’d be the one student that’s like “awesome, it’s still fucking ugly” lmao

  12. Ok let’s pretend shea actually lost that lip sync lol

  13. Finally we got Judas for a lip sync song

  14. I shouldn’t be mad Geronimo isnt here. But I’m mad Geronimo isn’t here lol

  15. Well she’s not a early out, but when the stacy love first started it was clearly people making fun of her which I didn’t like. It does still feel like an act at times, but there is a lot to love about her

  16. Top toot- honeys trash couture

  17. Jiggly is stunning!!! She looks like the recurring character with badass powers who was never super popular during the shows run but gains a massive cult following afterwards.

  18. Roxxxy unironically calling someone a loser and being unable to take a joke feels correct lol

  19. What about that tweet he tagged her in is a joke??

  20. People that @ the queens don't deserve to have their @'s blurred out. Good for you OP

  21. And then they made a team jinkx post like they’re the one who got antagonized 💀💀💀

  22. Well, the good thing is hypothetically there wouldn’t be an elimination

  23. This explains why it felt like she was on stage for 30 seconds. But also….that joke is just ok lol. Hell, if she had to balls to say “she’s been cancelled more times than RuPaul” that would’ve made for a better punchline.

  24. (Trying to come up with a title for this post that expresses her unhappiness, whilst also not entirely giving away how she didn't win the challenge was fairly tricky tbh)

  25. Well I’d say you accomplished the goal!

  26. And? I’m sure it was completely fake to mess with people.

  27. Not if they got their info from the spoiled sub, which is usually right

  28. I remember liking the first outfit. But by comparison, it’s giving gone with the window vibes 💀

  29. Jaida P O P P E D that damn balloon

  30. And be sure to use promo code: backrolls 💀💀

  31. Toot. I don’t get why Billy B hated this. I thought, next to her favorite body part runway, this was one of the best outfits she wore.

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