1. Damage doesn't cause an indestructible creature to die. If I misread your post then please ignore.

  2. Yes. Hence, indestructible makes the card not work as intended.

  3. This type of effect isn't intended to get around indestructible, it's intended to prevent death triggers and graveyard recursion. A good comparison would be [[Anger of the Gods]] vs. [[Hour of Devastation]].

  4. Yes that is true. Indestructible prevents the card from being effective.

  5. Wait until we discover the guy who added numbers to english 🙃

  6. I just noticed she is lying down (and not leaning on a counter). Now this art is even better.

  7. This is one of those cards that gets remade every so often on here.

  8. Warning: the following post contains . Please laugh for .

  9. It's not really funny, but the humor tag does imply the poster was not taking their own post legitimately.

  10. Pretty sure whoever posted the original labeled it as humor because they thought the situation was funny or they're mentally....dumb, not that the post was a joke.

  11. Take note of the distinct lack of people getting the joke.

  12. If they wanted a butthole fingered they missed a bit to the right.

  13. So do 3 dollar bills but they are a LOT less common.

  14. No they aren't. They just haven't been printed in the last hundred or so years.

  15. The daily deal today is trains. I assumed this was relevant.

  16. We generally ask that meme content be specifically edited for this subreddit/to be Magic themed. Reposting other random memes isn't that.

  17. I'm not looking for the voice actors, I'm looking for the voice lines.

  18. Which of you is the cleric player? Both of you, right?

  19. I'll chose to interpret it as you getting a concussion after being punched by a rhox

  20. Card selection and triggers off of both players. a 2 drop that could realistically be a 3/5 if not at worst 2/4 flyer on turn 3 and filter you 2 cards in the process is pretty good. Chariot is too slow for older formats, Adeline is only played in Humans based(or mono white) decks, hullbreaker horror is slow.

  21. Oooh, it works on each player. I can see that getting absurd fast, especially with three toughness to start. Still, it's price surprised me. What decks are running it?

  22. It's also ridiculous in Commander with four players, many of whom have instants. You could be getting 4+ Connives a turn cycle.

  23. Jetmir is my favorite character from this set. He is always having a good time.

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