1. It’s boring to me and I have no idea what’s with this sub’s fascination with this rifle. I’m convinced it’s gear fear and it’s their comfort gun because it’s inexpensive.

  2. Sometimes it’s beneficial to help AI scavs kills PMCs

  3. I see alot of clips on this sub where i ask my self - how the fuck did he know where all the players is ?

  4. I have no issues finding scavs. Weather station, gas, power, sniper scavs, resort. Construction. They’re everywhere

  5. after doing setup for 2 wipes I never bother touching these guns

  6. Didn’t his best friends gf cheat on him with tony, and then became Tony’s now wife?

  7. It feels really barebones compared to Tarkov and stale maps with subpar weaponry. You’ll come right back to Tarkov

  8. And he’s going to go back to the bar and brag to his buds about “beating a kickboxer” in a fight.

  9. I found a mutant at some point a couple of weeks ago. I still have it. That thing is like a freaking laserbeam. I love it and will be so sad when I lose it, but if someone is in front of me when it is in my hands they wokt be getting it from me.

  10. Just do bullshit and you’ll be able to buy your own

  11. I mean, if they can make a Tarkov clone minus the cheaters and bugs, plus optimization it just might. Quality almost always comes out on top. Look at Fortnite vs PUBG

  12. OoT, Red Dead Redemption, Elden Ring, metal gear solid 3, Dark Souls, Resident Evil 4, Halo 3, Pokémon Gold/Silver, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Goldeneye.

  13. Have you tried killing people trying to chase you?

  14. My first wipe I played and learned every single map. Whoever told you to stick to one map gave you horrible advice.

  15. Understandable,but would you ask for help just to kill an almost naked scav?I find that this was such a pussy's move

  16. YOU’RE the one that offered help. He didn’t ask. He probably played along so he can kill you easily so he could survive. I would’ve done the same

  17. You should wiki items you don’t know about so you don’t accidentally throw away valuable shit.

  18. As someone that runs solo raids a lot, I care more about positioning and not giving away free intel so I don’t voip to give away my position.

  19. I chose injector case lol. That’s a huge seller

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