1. Would be fun to watch the 2024 WC! Would love to see how the players are going to adapt to the distracting gunfire from outside the stadium!

  2. Very cute kitten. What's his name?

  3. Thanks, he's called Olive, I was going to call him Ollie but Pope has already disgraced that name

  4. My kitten is 4 months old and I've been trying to teach him how to hold a bat (gotta teach em' young). But he seems to really struggle to get into a proper stance.

  5. Ah, but he doesn't know what numbers mean (yet), so he's too young for that.

  6. Kinda sad to see Rohit come under fire since this loss had nothing to do with him. I still want Virat to come back as the Test captain tho

  7. No wonder he always looks so depressed. Heck, I get depressed and I’m not even him!

  8. Fucking hell man, why the fuck are they using Chase when pace is clearly working

  9. I don't know man, from what I saw on the official site less than 50% of the tickets have been sold so far

  10. Thing is, India need to win both these matches if they want to get into the WTC finals. Bad signs so far.

  11. This Rohit guy does pretty well at No.8, maybe that's where he should always bat

  12. It's those damn Argentinian fans! They're cursed! This wasn't our fault!

  13. Argentinian football fans were watching this match to support Bangladesh because of the amount of Bangladeshi fans supporting Argentina in the FIFA WC

  14. To be fair, there haven't been a lot of ODIs in the last two years due to t20 WCs. And 2020 was covid infested.

  15. Ramiz mate, this isn't a new Pokemon unveiling event. You could have said this with less dramatics. But I guess that's the Rambo way.

  16. My favorite part was when Stokes said it's bazballin' time and BazBalled all over the pitch

  17. Absolutely fucking wild that England's managed to win on this pitch. Amazing.

  18. Navdeep Saini when coach tells him to be more economical: My goals are beyond your understanding

  19. The sample sizes are probably too small but NZ's W/L ratio is surprisingly good considering they've had a reputation of not being able to win on Aussie soil

  20. Tbh if I was the ECB chairman then I might even consider paying THEM to buy The Hundred

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