1. I think in day-to-day life most people do. When two people of the same sex get married we just say they’ve gotten married, not that they’ve gotten “gay married.”

  2. I agree with all the points here but I’m now thinking of sentences with gay married and they’re really funny

  3. I don’t think you need to worry about Drew being offended that you said his wife was funny.

  4. Personally i think her infrequent appearances and sidekick type persona makes her funny. If she joined every video, ghe novelty would wear off. It's like if you watched the Simpsons and Ned Flanders became a main character in every story. He's better as an auxiliary, so is amanda to me

  5. Agreed! If Amanda showed up every video it'd become repetitive but I also feel that she could appear more often like when they're trying foods.

  6. Aha, thank you! I think the actual structure in this image looked a bit blocky and I wasn't very happy with it! I kept most of the decoration underneath though.

  7. I would get a bigger tree, honestly. I think part of the awkwardness is that the house is on top of the leaves

  8. I would but then the tree just glitches through the room... I'll try to find a tree (Possibly CC idk) that works for this.

  9. ‘Half the time’. So now you’re trying to claim that half the time people are born Trans? Can’t take someone seriously when they’re this disingenuous and pushing an agenda

  10. You genuinely need to fucking read a book, perhaps one on gender studies. Fuck you.

  11. Get a lil more hot before you try to tell me to go play video games and call me a pussy in dms you fucking bitch. I know you never received the love of a fucking parent but there’s no need to blame trans people because I can fucking tell you know that your parents probably took your stance ‘fucking pussy’

  12. Play DOORS if you're into horror. It's a randomly generated horror game with a bunch of really cool monsters. Another game I'd recommend once it releases is blackout, but it isn't out yet.

  13. Whyd I think you were gonna say “with a bunch of really cool doors”

  14. Hey there JustCheezits! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This ^"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  15. POV: you’re a girl summoning Hanako while using the restroom out of boredom (you didn’t know he was male) and he shows up

  16. Did you google the words on the camera? When I do, I get this result:

  17. The hotspot name is the same as the iPhone name in about, which afaik is unimportant and easy to change, but can’t be changed remotely w/out root. Did you give your phone to like a small child or smth?

  18. I found one that I don’t think it is but it’s not from Murgh it’s someone else that fixed any glitches just filter from date of like start of a month ago or a month before that

  19. I have seen and subbed to that one but still seem to get bugs though i will look into it again, thanks though.

  20. Fair enough. I’ve got it installed but I’ve not played with mods enabled

  21. Thank you for the update, Deborah. I will try to avoid the fog and will use my windshield wipers if I can figure out how to turn them on. Do you think I should stay home? Even dinner at Crakle Bargel isn't worth if it's fogie . Mavis says hi and that we will have tornados tomorrow.

  22. 🙁😥😓🤥☹️😓🤭🤭🤯😥😓😩😩😠😠fnkgksk🦭🕷🦭🦞🦭🦭🐳🪰🕷🐅🦎🐊🦭🦏🐘🦭🦎🦍🦟🦛🦎🐆

  23. There are no kids named Deborah in the year 2022. Guaranteed this is a Boomer.

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