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  1. I’m having Di/di boys as well! I’m 25w5d, and have a just turned two girl! :) excited and terrified for 3 under 2.5 lol

  2. For a single person, you should definitely be able to live in Hagerstown comfortably.

  3. Has anyone ever looked into childcare or use childcare at a YMCA? Particularly in the Twin cities area?

  4. I work at a YMCA in Maryland (Membership Director) and I will be transitioning my son to our early learning center soon (he turns 2 in November). For pricing without my employee discount for a 2 y.o. is $264 per week

  5. I'm a Director at a biotech company and have a nearly 4 yo. I'd say it's no different than any other position I've had...if anything it's easier than my prior roles, since when I was doing bench labwork I couldn't just leave, whereas now I'll be managing labwork (but have spent past 6 weeks mostly just hiring a team) and I wanted this role so I could more easily WFH sometimes. And as before, I often login to work after my daughter goes to bed. Which nowadays is at like 10-11pm after I should already be in bed!

  6. I accepted a promotion to director when I was (barely) pregnant, took a full year maternity leave, returned pregnant again (they’re 18 months apart), and have been back for nearly 2 years. They didn’t like it but the leave also gave others the chance to have acting promotions in my absence. I was put into our own next gen talent pool within 6 months of returning from my 2nd leave. Do not sacrifice your personal life for work. If you want another and it works for you and your (non traditional, but sounds cool) family that’s the only factor that matters.

  7. Depends on the program. I'm in a MSW program full time and working full time, with a 2.5 year old. Started just before he turned 2.

  8. Hi fellow MSW student! 👋🏽! I’m going into my 3rd semester but I’m not sure how imma do the internship in Fall 2023 when also planning another possible baby and my son is turning 2 in November 😅

  9. What a beautiful, sweet family you guys are 😊 Hello from the hinge of a MFM here to, we’re in Australia. I love to see others making it work so well too. I have 2 teenage children and a toddler with my partners and life is good! Have a great weekend 😊

  10. Omg your family is where we are trying to head! I’m already dreaming of adding a second child ❤️

  11. just wanted to say what’s up from a fellow female hinge💜✌🏼 beautiful family

  12. I’m just stuck on the fact that you got not 1 partner but TWO to come grocery shopping with you 😭

  13. My poly-fam went out on a big date day yesterday ❤️ all went out to lunch, then shopping, then home… it was great! My poly-fam is me (26F) my husband (27M) my bf(27M) and the kiddos 2 girls 5 and 7 (my husbands and mine) and our son (2 months old, my bf and mine)

  14. Hi there! I’m a switch mama! Me and my boyfriend mainly have the Mommy/little boy dynamic but occasionally will switch and he’s more sadistic daddy and I’m a kitty sub … it’s fun since there’s so many dynamics we can play with 😈

  15. Hi, I’m a black, polyam bi woman, I have a white husband, white gf, white bf and biracial fwb…while yes the space is white leaning, I’ve joined black polyam groups on Facebook to help with still being a part of the black community within the poly community but I would agree that the poly community has been very inclusive and I even have felt more love and appreciation for my blackness from my partners! I also am unapologetically black and have established that with my partners and have had to check peoples statements that may be questionable 🤷🏽‍♀️ My advice is to be open to all races and don’t limit yourself but also be unapologetically yourself! People have a way of falling out of your life If they aren’t supposed to be there 😊

  16. How would you pay for all the medical costs associated with pregnancy and giving birth? Would you opt for extra screenings/tests? If not how would you handle a toddler and a potentially special needs child? If you or your husband lose your source of income is your salary or his enough to handle all the bills plus whatever new expenses come up with a newborn? If this pregnancy is different from your last are you prepared for that? Does your husband currently do an equal and fair share of parenting and household chores? Would he pick up any extra slack?

  17. All great questions…I do have the high deductible insurance plan so when I meet the deductible everything else is covered. I would say we do have some family that can help/provide support if needed, I just don’t like to ask for help, and yes after the first few months, my husband does contribute equally to child care and household responsibilities…these are all great things to consider though. Thank you

  18. Not sure what state you work in, but that sounds really low by CA standards.

  19. We knew each other for 2 months before getting married. Have been married for over 2 years with a 8 month old son 😇

  20. This happened to me! I called them asked if they could look and they looked at it and said it was fine.

  21. Ignore all these answers. You are prescribed this drug. If it shows in your pee the lab will call you and ask for your doctors name or mmc IF the company screens for that. Most companies only want to know if you are on harder drugs. Unless you are a forklift driver or do another job where it’s unsafe to have marijuana carry over in your system, most companies don’t care. I’ve never been drug tested but my husband has many times and this is what he’s experienced as a technician.

  22. Thank you! The positions are executive assistant jobs , one for the county and one for Hagerstown community college. That’s great to know

  23. I’ve not called at all a friend of mines says the same thing is happening to her as well and she applied a week or two before me. I’ll call Monday and see what they said. Cause I’ve already paid the $50 for it and yeah I applied through OneStop as well.

  24. Did it say accepted on the irs website the day after or just on TT?

  25. Filed with TT 1/28. Accepted 2/11. And nothing. Nothing on WMR, transcript shows nothing. SBTPG shows nothing. Getting annoyed now. Lol

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