1. I think you are running your game at 60 fps fixed, It is not bad. The temps are just chilling

  2. When i remove the fps cap, the temps touch 95 but fps stays pretty much the same around 60

  3. Turn off Sync, and check if the refresh rate of monitor is set to 144/165 FPS in settings

  4. Once check performance mode in NitroSense. Try resetting all settings to default. It can be a error in a registry file (I'm not sure, I'm no expert)

  5. Yeah, could be. My laptop fan got stuck in dust, stopped running. I had to call support and they sent a person. There was literally enough dust to block 2 out of 4 exhaust vents, cleaning gave atleast 5-6° C drop in temperature

  6. Yes... From what I've seen, the factory thermal paste is pretty bad.

  7. Using the laptop on Power Saver mode has made a huge difference for me temperature wise. And I still did not feel any lack in performance.

  8. What, i can feel my laptop stutter occasionally in firefox if I turn on power saving mode.

  9. Go to Geforce experience-> Settings ->Battery saver mode. Turn it off, you might get over 60 fps

  10. I jerked you off at super speed so it seemed like you nutted at just a woman's touch

  11. How fucking fast did you throw it. It wont cause harm probably, it is mostlt hollow there.

  12. Dual boot windows 10 and windows 11 in your laptop (Linux users commit suicide meme here)

  13. Ada paavi.. Full sub became America va ? Eppa paathalum Florida Alabama nu pesareenga...

  14. I knew him. He is kind and nice person. Had a good job, lost it in lockdown, started to work in swiggy to meet ends. They have a browsing center shop opposite to the Kathir Vidhya Mandhir college in Neelambur, Coimbatore. It is truly sad worst happens to the best of people.

  15. 😂 unnoda posts paathutu irundhen, enakum indha doubt irunduchu, so...

  16. No phones during school or they'll ve taken to the proncipal and your parents have to get it back

  17. Students from the department have requested another transparent investigation, because the investigation committee has deciced that Dr. Vipin lack a basic understanding of systematic nature of caste-based discrimination and a degree of careless.

  18. My local 'staples' has a bunch of different brands

  19. Ok i am not anti feminist, but hear this out. When a single guy goes down a road he is hardly harassed by girls standing on the side of the road. But a single girl walking down the street will be harassed by guys standing on the side of the road. Sometimes the same guys don’t bother a married woman as much as they do “single woman”. So sadly having a status of married display by women is for her own peace of mind more than anybody else. Also woman is forced to display her marriage status because of the short comings of the society in grooming boys to be well mannered men!

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