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  1. What? You sound like a dumb guy. Come back when you can put a sentence together.

  2. I block weirdos because they’re dangerous. Added.

  3. Lol "They got him this time, for sure guys!!!!" /clown emoji

  4. “Every bodies out to get me! Waaahhhh I’m a little MAGA victim bitch WAaaaaaahhh”

  5. Introducing my GF to Stern show the past few years and especially past few months. She saw Mr Stern first time the other day and was shocked how much he looked like Howard. I never noticed but I guess she's right.

  6. He made cold calls to bring dollars into probably some hack firm. Might as well have been selling insurance. He’s a sales guy at the core. That’s why he’s so good on the phone and such a good bullshitter. Dumber than a box of rocks though.

  7. One time, Sal said he was making 8 figures a year as a stockbroker. He also said he quitted the firm after he found something fishy was going on.

  8. I've never heard any of that. But interesting. He definitely was not making 10Mill+. Could safely trim 2 zeros off that. We know he didn't make big bucks because he was terribly in debt some years later. Probably was making decent 6 figures.

  9. After looking up his high school picture, the BJ claim is even funnier.

  10. I thought attell was usually interesting and real. He would also intentionally bring up Artie the couple of times he was on after Artie left.

  11. Yeah what does any of this have to do with a tweet about vaccines?

  12. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. You replied to someone talking about drag shows?

  13. Pay attention. You stepped into the middle of a thread with a dumb question that was beside the point.

  14. So dumb yet you responded. You're literally mentally ill, and have been identified as such without question. That results in only one thing for a man like me, because I don't want weirdos, creeps, or misfits anywhere near me. BLOCKED!

  15. At the refining kiosk... from the list of everything in your ship.. select Quantainium only (little sliding radio button) and start the job. Everything not selected will be purged from your ship when the job starts.

  16. Thx. So I don't want to refine anything else / it's not worth? I can't remember what was in there, whatever else I would have picked up from a Quant rock on Lyria. Quartz perhaps.

  17. 3.17.2 still works exactly this way. Anything you don't refine is automatically discarded. OP should have nothing left on his ship after queueing a refinery job.

  18. Ok cool. thanks. So... should I have clicked "yes" to refine anything other than the Quant then, such as the Quartz? or is all that considered trash and not worth.

  19. Can anyone make out "senators" or whatever is alleged? Not audible. Unless someone has a boosted audio where it's clear, I'm not jumping on that hype train.

  20. It's a plaintiff and the defense has been massively incompetent throughout. They don't have to prove intent. Lawyers are credentialed for a reason and they've failed to manage the case and their client.

  21. Very good info. I appreciate it. Do you know if their incompetence and mishandling leading up to the default judgement was televised? I found a pretty good YT channel that shows all the latest ~past 10 days of trials, but can't find anything from whenever the judgement was issued. I think watching those videos could be very informative.

  22. No everything that went on was in the pretrial portion. I believe a good amount of the depositions are or will be available though. Honestly I've mostly followed along from the satirical podcast Knowledge Fight. If you look up any of their episodes entitled "Formulaic Objections" those episodes they go over the depositions and interview the plaintiff's lawyers.

  23. Lawyer still took on the case. If the lawyer got annoyed and just wanted out, he isn't a hero. Just did it for his own comfort. Who cares if his career is done.

  24. Defense Attorney's opening statement is that he believes everything Alex Jones says, in the context of his opinions, theories, political leanings, etc.

  25. It doesn't make sense to be a fuckup. You randomly send out this text message file and it just accidentally gets sent to literally the only person(s) you should not send it to? I'm with OP.

  26. Same. OP is on target. The situation where the attorney does not tell Jones about his "fuckup", knowing it has a 100% certainty to surface and possibly ruin their defense if Jones is caught off guard on the stand, doesn't exist.

  27. When did he say that? He seems to love Seth Rogen and his movies which are pretty much Apatow movies.

  28. Cuz Seth is a huge Lib and has never insulted Howard. The formula isn’t complicated.

  29. Greg Fitzsimmons was a regular, until he asked Stern to write a forward for his book.

  30. That guy is such an idiot. Howard barely knows him. Gives him his own air slot. Knows Howard. Still asks him to write his foreword? Talk about a guy that doesn’t know how to pick his battles. What a dumb, pointless thing, stern writing a forward to a book that no one is going to buy. How is that going to help your career, Greg?

  31. FWIW, he has a nice steady incline of viewers. Gotta start somewhere. If he continues, he could make $100 per video by 2054

  32. Stern lost the Imus war when he became everything he hated about Imus, without even realizing it (still).

  33. Stuff like this is cool. Would love to see a lot of "meh" uniques get reworked slightly, to be a little more build enabling, with the late metas, compared to the meta during their many-years-ago releases

  34. When did listeners of Howard become such a group of libtards? Prob about the same time THSS became irrelevant (2008).

  35. The same time Stern went fully pussy-hat mode, and hired Marci Turk.

  36. what'd he say, he didn't think sandy hook was real?

  37. Lancet mining head. If you're shuffling between Lyria and ARC-L1, the VK-00 drive for sale at ARC-1 spools and recovers quickly and is perfect for this run. Mining modules vary to your style, so I would experiment. Many miners use Surge, Stampede, and Brandt combination.

  38. Really? When you say pirates do you mean like players? Didn’t know that was in the game yet, or at least a reason to do it other than trolling.

  39. Yes to your first question but mostly to be able to scan on the go.

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