1. Always had more success with soft lighting, lit candles and the smooth sound of Barry white.

  2. Take a gander through history. It can be very bad and not so bad. Time will tell but modern civilization will prevent outright catastrophe

  3. My initial budget on a 3100 sf house was 155k.yeah, I though I could build a house for $50 psf. Needless to say that's blown out of the water

  4. yeah, im already 40k over budget and still have to spend another 30k so now Im shooting for $70psf, 40% over original budget :D

  5. The general Bruh was more of a “how are you budgeting $50/sqft on your build given commodity prices”. My modest build is hovering at $220/sqft

  6. Did you measure specs before purchasing the appliance? Sounds like the plumber did his job as asked.

  7. Hard questions: 1- is she the one? If yes her spending issues will also be your issues, recognize that 2- if not the one, help her the best way possible but don’t get dragged into financial mishaps.

  8. As an FSU alumni I can confirm there is a lot of “nothing” outside the capitol. Might as well be rural GA.

  9. Why don’t you just cancel payment through your bank? No contact = no problem

  10. You just have to leave the basement and likely you’ll have better reception once above ground level.

  11. Classic sports car. Figure it’s a great tinker with item and value relatively stable long term. Don’t regret one bit.

  12. I’ve been only paying $3.49 a beaver foot, that’s way too expensive /s

  13. Publicly traded companies have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. Although it may not seem the most ethical to the masses, it’s their duty to do what’s best for the company and their investors.

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