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  1. Just PayPal, and I could probably only afford the Aluber. Had no idea ash is so spendy

  2. I could do that. Pm me, if you could send a pic showing the misprint that’d be cool too

  3. 2 are ultra and 1 is common. I would need a little bit more to ship out tho since they are under $2 each

  4. If you could do $5 for all of it I’ll ship it out. I won’t charge you for the common allure it has a small ding on the side

  5. Shade Brigandine, I love the card itself, but as far as the other Phantom Knight cards artwork this one falls short.

  6. Any advice on dealing with tenyi swordsoul? That deck moves soooo fast and if it goes first, almost everything you do is negated 😭

  7. As far as BO1 running a lancea and token collector as a 2 of is pretty helpful, I know they’re mainly for the meta decks but they shut some stuff

  8. It’s not as oppressive as most first turn boards if I’m being honest. Cross out and token collector really put in work. Just try hand trapping what you can. Especially the normal summon and hope they don’t have longyuan

  9. Just be glad this isn't even the best combo with Sangan. Soon people will be running it with PUNK engine, which will allow Sangan to convert into Adventure search AND Halq. Sangan + E Tele/Foxy into Cherubini dump Enchantress search Arboria.

  10. One reason I like Live Twins. Like 24 interruptions and 16 in archetype cards for a solid 40.

  11. Okay so I have a deck in my closet, and it’s a hero deck that came out right after the hero strike structure. Anyways, it’s a hero deck that relied on destiny hero Diamond Dude, dogma, and plasma, Destiny end dragoon turbo at the time if you will, doing trade in, Destiny draw type stuff. It wasn’t competitive but because the time (2014?) making Destiny End Dragoon and Dark Law. It wasn’t good, but it worked, not to mention one time at locals someone I beat with that deck gave me a 1st Ed ultimate rare Dogma, and that’s like $100. He said ‘you’re the only person I’ve seen use it so you deserve it’

  12. Hear me out, I have an anime ass a-z Ojama deck, I’m just waiting for adventure stuff. Ojama blue eff hits in grave so yeah

  13. I honestly almost never see pile hate beside halqodon.deck which i can agree with the hate

  14. I can agree with the hate there too, especially now Cupid pitch is in game

  15. yes but the sad part is, most pile deck are that halqi-rorodon deck so maybe that's why

  16. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have halq and aurora crafted, but I haven’t got to use them yet really.

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