1. You have a lot of judgement and inner considering apparent in your post. Why dont you do some Byron Katie work before you try to eat the hottest pepper.

  2. I'm comfortable with starting to refer to everyone with anger outbursts as "mid-functioning" on the spectrum.

  3. Getting on HGH may be an option from a doctor, or international pharmacies if you have the money.

  4. The Taliban were not behind 9/11. They basically refused to give up Bin Laden because giving up a Muslim to the Americans is a bad look. They would not have done anything had we swooped in and killed him then left, which is what we ended up doing later after we let him escape into Pakistan and forgot why we invaded a country.

  5. Good call. I wasn't familiar with the distinction and was speaking from the perspective of the optics of the time

  6. Tbf, the whole “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” line got people pretty pumped to go to war. It was a common opinion at the time, that turning the desert into glass was what we needed to do. Pretty dark. That’s what an act of chaotic violence does to people, fear and anger. Not to mention the reigning in of our freedoms and the construction of a surveillance state.

  7. I got some awesome j card templates for free through this sub, and I’ll give them out, for free, to anyone who wants them.

  8. the fact that there are intelligent individuals who entertain this position is both baffling & frightening. (that agi would deserves rights)

  9. Honestly.. if we get to the point where we're having serious debates about whether AGI is actually conscious, and there's even a 50% chance that it is... It's going to be really hard to argue for what would otherwise be called slavery with any other being.

  10. the biggests issue with "is it conscious", WTF is conscious... that's still being debated;

  11. my 200ug needlepoint tabs were $1.20 each... I just had to buy half a month's rent worth. Strips of 20 make great gifts to friends.

  12. What the fuct is Pepsiman?

  13. Lol doesn't even make sense... If they can't afford them anyway what difference does it make if someone else buys them...

  14. Supply and demand. She apparently thinks they're sold at $MarketPrice alongside the Chilean Sea Bass and A5 Wagyu Tampons.

  15. People say Keiko is shrill or annoying. Man, she's been dragged to a crappy space station that used to be a slave labor camp, a planet that just ended decades of occupation, spitting distance from the most aggressive empire in the quadrant, away from anywhere she can practice her trade.

  16. The first time I saw this painting, I felt such a strong pull to it. It's on my wishlist to buy and put up in my room.

  17. The fog is actually representative of the smell of his own farts, which he's revelling in after winning an online comment thread argument

  18. Honestly I was thinking the city intro could be cut and it'd be perfect expo screen type stuff.

  19. From what I've read the side affect profile seems fairly benign. What are you referring to when you say "put you in the er"?

  20. Yeah… I’m kinda confused here. It seems like the main thing he was doing wrong is risking wallet funds on margin.

  21. The Demiurge is not actually a negative force of any kind, but rather neutral / benevolently non-dual, creating the universe to understand consciousness and learn ..the same way higher god beings have done infinite times before,

  22. This resonates with me. So nice to hear. He's a conservative man looking for some weed with a missing foot. Time is breaking down and what if his time is up? Will we remember him and all of the beautiful things that came from this place?

  23. As a former BN employee I can say I would actually prefer customers leave the books in a pile. At least if I put them back I knew they would go in the right spot. People try to remember where they got them and end up putting them in the wrong place and that leads to way more work later.

  24. Same, the extended directors cut of “Hard Target” with extra round houses to the face is easily lost in the documentary section.

  25. Piers is, according to many, kinda like Gordon Ramsay - it's a persona, and he's nothing like that In real life apparently...

  26. I knew a production assistant that worked on a Gordon Ramsay show about 10 years ago.

  27. How much is it UGL? I paid $120 for 10,000 IUS from my pharmacy.

  28. I think the martial arts robots were the protection…and there was an eyeball laser, to be fair.

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