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  1. I hate being mediocre and average. I am surrounded by people who seem to be doing better than me on all accounts, all I see is them externally, and then I look inside to see the rotting corpse of a person I am.

  2. Another question what time of job do you do because I have a well paying job and when I loose money I get mad

  3. I deliver Chinese food, not a hard job or amazing money, but it's decent

  4. Wait and it doesn’t make you mad that you waste time to earn that money just to give it away for free?

  5. It used to, not anymore. I think that's why I should take a break from it

  6. College student full time and deliver Chinese food for money. So I outsource things like character and building modeling (would have probably had to outsource them anyway as I'm not good with modeling lol)

  7. Usually, I don't like pixelated RPG's, they exist in an overly saturated market. But this game seems really cool, and it might be the first game of this genre that I buy for myself. The art and gameplay looks amazing, I hope the story is just as good!

  8. You could be a solo indie dev? or contract your work out online, being able to work for anyone no matter your location.

  9. Woodlands here.. like others commenting so I can find this again.

  10. What's up? I'm in the spring area, so we 3 are pretty close together!

  11. Size of market doesn't necessarily mean busier. More people means way more drivers, which is what really kills us. The one driver in a tiny town is making way more than the 500,000th driver in Houston. With the economy in the shitter, lots more people side gigging and way less people spending 40 bucks for 18 bucks worth of food plus tip.

  12. Damn dude 😭 you aren't lying about Houston. I live here (Houston) and there are so damn drivers 24/7. It's hard to get any orders

  13. Have you done any work in the past? I would love to see some if so, and could contract you out if your work aligned with what I need

  14. Selling a large number of narrow spreads is what we in thetagang call "picking up pennies in front of a steamroller"

  15. Would have lost 2000. White House already said CPI numbers would be down. Easy money. Spreads are inarguably much safer than plain options

  16. How bout that tinder match tho? Give us the 🍵!

  17. lol, sadly my stock game is better than my flirting game somehow. We talked for a little on Instagram but I don't know how to continue conversations after the first conversation fizzles out

  18. Spreads, spreads are your best friend

  19. with 140k, could have put it in dividend stocks like reits, would get a nice 10% dividend divided through the year

  20. Or he could have put it all on a parlay Tampa bay +4.5 over the Red Sox and became a millionaire. Can’t change the past, there’s opportunity cost everywhere. Such mental exercises only serve to distract from the future, where opportunity remains

  21. Well without the mental exercises you're bound to repeat the past:12787:

  22. Dividend stocks, look up reits. They are usually extremely stable with good dividends. But research each company still, and their histories going back to 2008 to see how they handled the housing crisis

  23. Market closed, and since it's a debit spread, it will automatically execute monday. Since it's above the strike price I will get the amount I paid for it plus the $600

  24. Ok thanks I definitely gotta learn more about debit/ credit spreads. Everytime i do it, I can never get it to fill and it keeps expiring.

  25. It can definitely be a good strategy in volatile situations like this. I definitely recommend reading up on it and watching explanations of what they are

  26. The Up tips more than make up for them. Irs always some rich snob

  27. Especially in Houston! I live up north and found delivering from the spring area to the woodlands can be very nice during dinner time rushes. I tried downtown before and didn't have to much luck but that was only once

  28. For freelancing, I would recommend Fiver. I don't develop myself, but have hired plenty of game dev's and graphics artists (even concept artists) on fiver, even those with no reviews, just because They had a good portfolio of their work and responded to my questions before I purchased a gig with them.

  29. Building on this slightly, (certain versions of) the Bible & Dante's Inferno are public domain, so they are not subject to copyright (though certain translations may be).

  30. In my zombie horde game, I'm thinking of adding a boss named "morbidius" to be a parody of morbius. Honestly, I don't think a big film studio will care about a game that gets maybe a dozen sales, so realistically Anyone could put any much of anything in their game if they don't already have a successful player base/franchise.

  31. Parodies are often fine anyways, because they are in the same vein as commentary & criticism, so you're safer from legal issues anyways.

  32. Those are all great points, thanks for the advice!

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