1. Sealander is a great piece. I had one for a bit and it's 100% worth the money and a great daily wear.

  2. Sly and Killzone share my top spot. Jak in close contention.

  3. Obviously #2 though #4 is most realistic (in the circumstances)

  4. Absolutely epic. One of my personal favorites in terms of campaign pacing in a shooter. Also features one of the best bad guy speeches ever by the incredible Brian Cox if i remember correctly

  5. I was young and kinda stupid. I thought it would have been edgy to kill him. I actually didn't dislike Jason at all just thought I'd be so cool if i call in with a vote for him to die haha.

  6. 3785 singles, 144 tpbs/HC and other trade formats.

  7. Sorry in advance if this is readily available info. I was aware of the PS5 upgrade but that is as far as I looked into it. I'd love to resume my old save i progressed about 25 hrs into. If i upgrade can i continue my last save or do I have to replay the whole game from the start.

  8. No idea what the drama is but i have first 4 volumes. I remember first two being brilliant and gorgeous but then i think i got bored. Don't hold me to this but i think it was because of the massive amount of backstory expo that dragged the book a bit. But thats just my personal take on it.

  9. I hate puns but i tip my hat to you for that one my friend haha

  10. That's a very classy minivan life haha. Beautiful piece pal, enjoy it!

  11. Bad North, Observation, Journey, Stray, Brothers: a tale of two sons, and Concrete Genie.

  12. I thought it was something from the 1899 Netflix show 🤣

  13. It takes two is utterly brilliant, LBP, Heavenly Bodies,

  14. F-ing mega work OP. All are brilliant but you make a screen level Deathstroke. Kudos!

  15. I have no context to this post other than this particular post and photo. All i can say is that PS2 is mega, and your stickers are your choice and if it makes you feel good who gives a crap what a few angry internet turds say.

  16. Pulse. Really surprised me...pleasantly :)

  17. Same thing happened to me! Didn't have a single timepiece with a metal bracelet prior to SMP and now I have 3 haha.

  18. Loved every second of it. Great story, creative gameplay. It's not perfect by a great pallette cleanser to "same old same old" of many triple A games.

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