Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - LIVE-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Mfw visiting this sub after 3-4+ months of not using it and not knowing what the fuck the context of this image or any of the posts in the past few days is

  2. The use of Shared Smoke as a bookend was amazing. Not heard since the first episode, used in the last. Props to Dave Porter for that one.

  3. I'm gonna miss hearing new music from him inside of this universe with every new season that came, it always fit the mood of every scene so perfectly

  4. There it is. The end. I liked the resolution to Jimmy and Kim's relationship. At the end of it all, the only person's he still cared about was her and by finally admitting to it all, he closes the book on all the shit that's happened over the years. She finally got to see him actually be remoseful about Chuck, years later. She can even just begin to move on. One last smoke with Jimmy. Not Saul, Jimmy.

  5. This was a great finale but I love how Jeff just kind of got left in that jail, he's the new "Huell in the safehouse" where it's left ambiguous where he ended up. Which I actually kind of like

  6. It was such a Walt moment. Same spirit as NO REPUTABLE VENDOR

  7. Bryan Cranston played season 2 Walt and season 5 Walt respectively very very well. Same with Jesse as Season 2 Jesse and Pre-Breaking Bad Jesse. Bravo Bryan and Aaron

  8. I immediately thought of this stupid ass subreddit when I saw that scene lol

  9. I'm really happy this scene exists it feels like such a chicanerous moment from the writers yet somehow fits perfectly in the show



  12. I unironically was overcome with uncontrollable giddiness when Chuck appeared

  13. I was rewatching some earlier episodes of the show today in preparation for the finale and I got to the scene where Chuck says "Y-You... You passed the bar?" and I started fucking dying of laughter because of how I can no longer take that line seriously due to the oversaturation of that meme

  14. It’s our fate. We can never watch these shows again without being reminded of OKBC. Whether that’s a gift or a curse is up to you.

  15. Look. We all make our posts. And those posts... they put us on chicanery. Sometimes those posts are small... but they put you on the chicanery. You think about getting off (😳) but eventually you're back on it. And the posts we're on lead us to the memes and everything that happened there and straight back to where we are right now. And nothing, nothing can be done about that. Do you understand that?

  16. This scene made me Saul out so hard like fr. I am so Saul-pilled atm

  17. The moment velbys became THE Better Call Saul

  18. Just leaving a comment here because I’m gonna miss this show and want at least one comment in this thread. It’s been a lot of fun watching this show over the years, quite a ride

  19. It only seemed natural given how it’s probably the most suggested ending besides Walt walking into Saul’s office, and I think it’s so lovably cheesy without being overly chicanerous for the ending. I’m also quite content as to where we got, everything has wrapped up quite nicely I think. Being here since day 3, I honestly had no clue where the story would end up going, but I’m rather proud of how we kept everything cohesive and ended it! Gonna miss working on this, it’s been really fun!

  20. Lmao so I'm about to post the script in like a few minutes and I saw

  21. Haha! Yeah I took inspiration from that one post for the musical segments but changed it up a bit to fit with the script. The “That’s Saul Folks” is a funny coincidence, or maybe I’m just Vince Gilligan (I’ll never tell.) :5128:

  22. Hey, just a heads up. Since it’s usually 2 comments per day, make sure to post this tomorrow as well if it doesn’t get added. Though I think an exception can be made since we’re so close to the end.

  23. Oh okay, sorry about that! Yeah, I’ll be sure to repost this on tomorrow’s thread. And thank you! :) I did see some jokes about that in the script and you’d best believe I was cackling reading them. I feel honored!

  24. Don't worry about reposting, I'm gonna go ahead and make an exception and add it since we're right to the end!

  25. I'm gonna go ahead and add it since we're right next to the end! :)

  26. Here's a link to the script so far.


  28. Here's a link to the script so far.

  29. uc/ I feel like the top comment and reply formula was pretty good pacing-wise. We were able to get a perfect amount of content for acts 1-3 doing so. Changing it might make it so that we end up with an overloaded fourth act and could disrupt the natural direction and cohesiveness of the plot, especially considering the chicanery is toning down a bit and becoming more verbal as we head towards what seems to be an inevitable courtroom ending. Idk that’s just my thoughts. Might be something to consider if we’re aiming for a perfect and cohesive finale.

  30. Yeah I feel like I'm gonna go back to basics tomorrow and stick to top comment and reply formula again and if there's anything extra that looks good I'll be sure to add it instead of doing this

  31. Sounds good. Also just for clarification, we’re finishing the script on the 14th and posting it on the 15th, right?

  32. The AMC's agent watching me comment on the show without having a subscription

  33. AMC+ seeing poopfart2 immediately cancel their subscription as soon as their free trial ends and then seeing someone make an account called "poopfart3"

  34. In the distance, we hear a sudden, oddly familiar howling sound- a signal of sorts. Gene looks up. He sees the ghost of MARCO materialize into thin air right in front of his eyes, a transparent phantom figure of his deceased best friend and partner in crime. Gene thinks he is hallucinating as Marco approaches him.

  35. I know this is supposed to be only 2 comments per day but I'm adding this anyways

  36. Here's a link to the script so far.



  39. Every time I see this gif I think about how someone tried Howard's trick where he spins the can on YouTube and it fucking exploded

  40. Those los pollos hermanos scenes must fuck you up

  41. Every time I get to that scene in Breaking Bad where Gus gets everyone Los Pollos Hermanos I get so fucking hungry

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