1. I don’t get the point of reprinting Apollusa a year into the game, especially when you only ever need 1 copy. Maybe they should’ve released the alt-art to make it worth it.

  2. It's not there to make it worth it, it's there to pad the number of URs

  3. I've been searching for the ideal physical support mon too. It's nearly impossible to get good physical bulk + Reflect + heals + status protection on the same mon, especially if you want an ability that's useful like Healer or Friend Guard.

  4. Yeah it doesn't seem like there's a really good choice, I've found cloyster (180 def base + life dew) and hatterenne (90 def base + life dew + reflect), but nothing as nice as eviolite chansey for physical raids

  5. If Cloyster learned Reflect, it'd be nuts. I suppose it might go a little crazy with Snowscape, since it now increases DEF of Ice types.

  6. Yeah it was very frustrating to learn that it doesn't learn it, especially because it learns light screen. Still have to find another good option, the ones that learn reflect and life dew don't have great defences.

  7. Yup that’s what I appreciate about this generation. Considering the charizard could only be caught once, I bred until I got a shiny charmander, already had the nature I wanted, EV trained it and brought 50 dragon Tera shards and now I have a shiny Charizard to add to my collection.

  8. Yeah I got one, I did the charizard raid, but it was still pretty nice to receive, I am sure you made a lot of people happy

  9. Yeah that's fair. The game is fun, but its state is inexcusable

  10. Nice. I made a chansey so it can use eviolite, but they are pretty nice

  11. But like... in-game ability viewer tho...

  12. If it makes you feel better, while it's not sure that we'll see that, it seems something that they would introduce with a 7 star raid, it could be fun

  13. I hope for a new version of dynamax adventures, the barebone roguelike structure was very fun

  14. It's a technical mess, with a lot of glitches and performance issues, but under all that there's a really good game, if you like Pokémon

  15. I wouldn't call it bad, but the normal play of branded is currently tier 1, so a semi-consistent lock with a lot less followup doesn't look that good in comparison. At least in my opinion

  16. Bleach! Make it happen Lilith, it's trending right now and it was an option in a previous survey.

  17. Damn I would love it, which were the other options? Was it official?

  18. Yeah, under all that glitches and performance issues there's a really good game

  19. Used to be a fan as a kid, really doesn't do it for me right now. Might try to actually finish 5d, since it seemed to have a more mature tone, but I don't think I'll even try the rest

  20. Yes I liked the stories very much and while the overall story was a bit more classic it was very interesting too, it's probably my favourite story so far

  21. Love this, I hated those two missions

  22. They've figured out how to detect cloned Pokemon, but to my knowledge there's no way to detect how you sourced your Ability Patches and no traces left behind by the dupe glitch. Items should 100% be safe to dupe.

  23. I don't know, if your ability patch count doesn't match with number of raids + money acquired without selling them I think they could detect it. Still, I don't think they will do much about that, but we'll see

  24. I legitimately don't understand the hate for Sun/Moon. It's my favorite of the franchise. As the person above you said, the characters were amazing and had real development through the story. I had real emotional reactions to the difficult decisions the characters had to make, and the things they needed to give up for the greater good. The villains were great. Guzma really gave off that feeling of a washed up prodigy. His team was silly and entertaining, and not too much of a threat. But Lusamine was fucking insane, and they really convinced me of that. She really was a threat.

  25. I think they had some rough corners, like some trials weren't really that great and I understand the complaints of having too much linearity, but I overall agree, I played moon and liked it a lot

  26. I think a lot of people would be mad if they released exclusives or cards that come before on master duel than physical, but I would like it and we might see something like that one day

  27. Maybe they will release it alongside the secret pack, like the branded cards. Looks like a good way to do it

  28. I might be looking at it wrong but is that not 11 tokens, for a total of 12 cards associated with 06RU006?

  29. It might be ryze and the tokens are the world runes

  30. I still have to understand who should I aim for

  31. I d recommend Aravi, Clilias and Stene in that order.

  32. I see, thank you! I'll try to find one of them

  33. There should have been different “breeds” of Tinkaton where her hammer is clearly made out of different “materials.” Like one where it’s more sharp and edged that’s made out of pawniards/bisharps, one where it’s a dark and almost feathered hammer made out of corviknights, and one that’s just multiple magnemite magnets

  34. That would have been nice. I would have also liked something like spinda, where the Hammer is slightly different because randomly made from scrap metal put together

  35. Very nice, this addresses one of the main problems with the current system

  36. I think we lost any semblance of schedule, valyantz and beyond the pendolum came before illusion of chaos, so it could be anything. There's a chance tho, they are in the same pack as valyantz and we got them, but if I had to guess I would put them on january pack. Just a wild guess tho, it really could be anything

  37. Well if they could be here in January I will save up. Just wasn’t sure when they released and if it was going to be like a year then I figured it would be better to spend my stuff from the event for other trap stuff. Just collecting all the trap decks and they seem like staples that work with generic traps and I like that. :)

  38. Just an heads up, apparently it should be the next pack on december, along with Runick, predaplant and weather painter, not sure if it was leaked or announced, but it's called Mysterious Labyrinth

  39. As I said we have valyantz that came in the same pack, technically they could be released even in December, but again, we are still waiting for some battle of chaos cards, so there's nothing certain. I think it will be January because I think they'll try to make the December pack very meta relevant, since the last two didn't change that much, but it's just speculation.

  40. Damn they are trying really hard here to make this good, but not too splashable. Not sure it will work, but it's interesting design for sure

  41. That's fair, the game is really fun, but I do understand all the complaints about the technical state of the game

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