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  1. The rules are enforced by the system, even the most obscure and weird ones

  2. I like her. I can't speak of her as an actress because I didn't see much beside this show, but I think that she is really a good fit for Mabel

  3. Honestly? The first super mario on nes. The programming and the designs are impeccable, even for today standards, especially considering the era

  4. I haven't tried dalle2, but I am not sure if I can go to hidden seeds without hating the lack of control

  5. I think they are three different things and each has their pros, but I find stable diffusion to have much more range and control than midjourney and having access to the seeds is honestly a game changer.

  6. That's a simple, but great feature, especially for something that will run on your hardware

  7. Assuming we got one selection per month, guess we'll got "Casual" Cosmic Ocean this month and got the "Power" Newborn Dragon Next month yes?

  8. They probably are, but I am not really sure which we'll get first. I would say the power one tho, since they usually alternate between casual and competitive and the new one doesn't seem to have too many game breaking cards. We'll see

  9. Yeah I would honestly have preferred no new gimmick, but the crystal one seems fine if we really need to have one. I like the type changing possibilities

  10. Yeah I mean. That looked a bit...unnecessary. I wonder if we'll see a rp3+

  11. if you click on the button on the top right you can change language

  12. They are very silly, but it kinda works

  13. Fair. I think stardew valley's journey on mobile has been a nightmare

  14. I realized the hard way that Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing cannot be targeted

  15. It's....complicated. He was born and raised that way, to be that way, he is barely a person right now. I don't think you can make him reason, so in that sense he is not redeemable

  16. Fair enough. Luckily he doesn't seem that important to the plot

  17. It's a bit of a weird thing. A platformer is not that hard to make. A good platformer however it's pretty tricky, especially the feeling and the controls. So if you really want to do it go for it, but don't get discouraged if it's not the best

  18. Makes sense. It's like how NES hardware never held platformer physics back in theory but "good" platformer physics like reasonable acceleration, variable jump arcs, etc all weren't present in most of them, most were simple to a fault like Caatlevania and those crappy movie/TV/comic IP games like the Simpsons (though Castlevanias jumps may have been a design choice, I can't say for sure).

  19. Exactly, the first super mario is an absolute masterpiece, nowadays it's a bit easier, since you can find the knowledge you need easily, but in the nes era was extremely difficult to make a platformer that actually felt good to play. Castlevania definitely designed the whole game around that, but I am not sure how much was intentional to make the controls like that.

  20. "A hurricane of stars and galaxies"

  21. They are pretty neat, it fairs pretty well, miles better than the free models online, it understood the concept of hurricane applied to something, which is pretty rare.

  22. Rhongo. You can't be immune to effects and prevent the opponent from summoning at the same time

  23. I think that a range of expressions that big would require too many polygons to work well with blend targets

  24. Damn I am not in America so I can't try, wish you all good luck

  25. exactly, if your opponent ashes it, PoG's effect might as well say "your opponent cannot activate "ash blossom & joyous spring" this turn"

  26. It's better than that, the opponent need to lose a card to stop you, so at worst it's a net zero with ash out of the way, at best is a +1 with no limitations

  27. Run it locally? That seems… insane. How can that be when you compare it to Dall-e 2’s massive model with costs translating to 13 cents per 4 images generated

  28. It's a bit complicated, but there are many factors. 13 cents for 4 images is the price, I highly doubt it's the server cost. We don't really know how heavy it is to run, usually these models are very heavy to train, much less to run. We don't know how long it would take for a consumer computer to generate the image, maybe dall-e 2 can run on those too, but it would take several minutes to compute and they think this is unacceptable. Or maybe Dall e 2 can run kinda well on a consumer pc, but they don't want users to have unlimited access to a version of the neural network that isn't under their control and that could be tampered with.

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