1. Because when they inevitably ban the jar they won't have to refund UR materials

  2. I wonder if they are reducing the representation of real life people for legal reasons

  3. The thing is, Pokemon is too good. It might be steadily getting worse, or be bad in comparison to other contemporaries, but the base game is still very fun, to the point that i would say MOST of its most vocal detractors are still buying every game. That says nothing to the fact that those detractors are probably a minority and most of that sales number is people who love the game

  4. Agree on the first part, but not the second. Maybe that could have been true for sword and shield, but violet and scarlat are so full of glitches and performance problems that I can't imagine the majority not even noticing those. I agree that the game is pretty fun tho and a lot of people that complained still bought it and enjoyed it despite the glaring problems

  5. It's funny, I decided to just emulate the game instead of buying it so as not to support the glitchy, stuttering mess that I had seen in videos. It turns out the game actually runs really well on a PC compared to a Switch. Go figure! And once you get to play the game without any of the massive performance issues to try to overlook, it actually is quite fun. Still lots of room for improvement but it would have easily been worth the money.

  6. I've heard that, it doesn't really seem like it was made for the switch

  7. I don't like the steady decline of gems and the FOMO that selection packs generate, but right now it's a pretty nice free to play system, you aren't really that limited if you don't spend anything.

  8. I'm pretty sure people will come back to it once they finished SV. Tera raids are nice, but dynamax adventures are much more fun

  9. 1 mana draw 2, I wonder what could go wrong

  10. Sul comparto tecnico ti dò assolutamente ragione. Sono spesso molto "buona" e "comprensiva" ma in questo caso le criticità sono troppe e troppo gravi. Spero le fixino perché comunque le basi buone ci sono.

  11. La quantità di glitch e bug che sono presenti è semplicemente assurda per un franchise così grosso. Spero anche io che facciano qualche patch perché il gioco ha molte idee carine ed è comunque abbastanza divertente, probabilmente bastavano 6 mesi o un anno di sviluppo in più e sarebbe stato un grandissimo gioco. Spero almeno qualcosa la riparino

  12. Lo spero tanto anche io, anche perché sarebbe "dovuto" verso gli utenti (visto che costa e neanche poco)

  13. Sì assolutamente e le risorse per farlo le hanno tutte

  14. Unpopular opinion, the overworld graphics are nice, even compared with other switch games. They could've been a lot better, but it's not bad. Glitches and bad performance are the huge issue

  15. How strong is their endboard with a good hand and without interruption?

  16. It's not extremely strong unless you go against a dark deck and use protos, but if they break your turn 1 you can still play afterwards, they got nice recovery tools

  17. Literally how can this even happen? How could a second controller even affect the code in any way? Isn’t ALL the multiplayer function in connecting two whole systems?

  18. It can happen if every input adds to the movement and you don't use physics to move, so you don't need a velocity cap. Still a bit of a sloppy way to do it tho

  19. I would keep a Called By in my hand in case the opponent chains Ash or Maxx C to Allure, if I end up discarding it whatever

  20. I think you can still activate it if you set it

  21. Cannot imply that the little critter is dead, it's clearly just playing in the fire, nothing to see here

  22. I'm honestly having more fun than I thought I would, the banlist helps a lot

  23. Floo just doesn't seem like an archetype that catches actual dedicated Player imo.

  24. I don't know, I can't say it's my favourite deck, but I kinda like the infinite recursion of resources and all the chains, it's almost like the birds are actually flying everywhere. It will probably be used a lot less tho, that's true

  25. I'll take two kyoshi and twelve pakku, thanks

  26. Already did a swordsoul, probably will try tribrigade and altergeist. I might try altergeist mixed with paleo because it seems fun

  27. I don't think it's totally dead, but definitely much less toxic and much less powerful.

  28. I lucked out one copy of her from regular pull, so I already have her

  29. L AThane is not used after early game as far as I can tell

  30. I see, I don't think that's really worth it then, I'll just wait it out and decide when I have enough to ascend one. Thank you!

  31. There's a lot of junk in Lor, purrsuit of purrfection builds and the khahiri the returned used to be my favourites(not sure how they are now)

  32. Agreed, even if you like them, it's still weird to find them in the "software" category

  33. …ok, I’ve been playing Twins and just started trying to build Marincess. The timing on this is showing up is hilarious

  34. I literally made both of them tomorrow because the new pack is pretty meh

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