1. “We’ve all been waiting for?” My brother in Christ, ain’t no one asking for this

  2. Basically don’t have strong relations with someone of a different religion. Probably not the best translation but that’s the gist of that verse ig

  3. Dualies. Yeah backliners are annoying, but they’re just doing their jobs and honestly, you can’t get too mad at them for doing what the weapon was designed to do. Dualies are just assholes. Dapples relentlessly push and leave beacons everywhere, tetras are just really obnoxious with the 4 rolls, and the splats have crab tank. The other two are less intrusive but they do exist

  4. Yes thank you I just wanna play with the fun new toys

  5. Replace Mahi with scorch and we have an awful rotation

  6. When I cue up for my first match of the day and I’m up against one of THOSE sploosh players. You know the ones I’m talking about

  7. What's the worst/weirdest thing you've done when horny?

  8. Probably get off to the smell of my own underwear

  9. Ok uh send a horny text to a random contact

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