Playoff Game Thread: New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

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  1. The car wash just down the road from the stadium is on fire

  2. God that dude was absolutely humiliated by that man

  3. Whichever one can play the track where it’s the original shout song by the Isley brothers but then halfway thru it turns into the buffalo bills version of it

  4. I hope they put the whole second string in on next possession

  5. Yes I did and I didn’t realize I felt that way about him

  6. Surprisingly, Home Depot. Can't speak for the men, but the women's room is usually pretty good.

  7. I’ve heard the mens room at the Home Depot on Elmwood is a popular “crusing” spot

  8. Put on all your Pats gear and go to Gene McCarthy’s

  9. Don’t do this at this particular bar. You will be ran out of town

  10. Like is the wind slow enough to throw properly

  11. I’d be so embarrassed if I got knocked out and ended up in that bitch position

  12. I am a middle aged guy who was born wnd raised here and who learned how to drive in the winter by delivering pizza in orchard park and East aurora. All you need have in your car is a zippo with extra flints, a 12 pack of Busch light that’s been sitting in your trunk for at least a week, a dug out box and one hitter, and a Tragically Hip CD (Road Apples preferred). But that’s just me. Be safe and don’t over compensate if you start to slide.

  13. This sounds very specific. Something tells me there is a story there. Please tell it

  14. Is it my foul brain or does bass man not wear a cup?


  16. Ask your doctor if Fuck the Pats is right for you

  17. Those dumb birds are always In that area there and by forest lawn cemetery too. . They make it so eerie

  18. Thanks. What’s the best way you’ve found to keep track of the clients’ preferences for this?

  19. Wegmans on McKinley had a bunch around 4pm, I bought 2. The limit was 6 per customer

  20. All numbered highways must begin “the”, I.e. “the 33” or “the 290”. This is not the norm elsewhere

  21. Idk but pro tip: whenever I sign up for a rewards program with a store, I put a different birthday each time since most of these rewards programs sends an offer the month of your birthday. I think this month I got a free burrito from Salsarita’s

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