McDonalds Manager loses it on a couple of rude customers

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  1. I have a large even by pickup truck standards pickup truck. It's a regular cab f350 with a 14 foot utility body. It doesn't leave the driveway without a trailer hooked to it. I have a 1995 Suzuki carry for plowing and small lumber runs and firewood. And I drive a 1997 Subaru legacy as my daily driver. The sedan and the kei truck will go a bunch more places with better 4 wheel drive than the f350. Sometimes you just need a heavier vehicle to stabilize your trailers tho.

  2. I own an old f150 with only an 8’ box, having to find then maneuver into parking spots drives me nuts. I can’t even image what your driving.

  3. It depends. If you own a lot of property (common in the US) it’s practically a must have. I sell insurance, just an office job, but I own a truck.

  4. Absolutely right, but the problem is all trucks used to be work trucks, they were both practical and affordable.

  5. Maybe I’m crazy but if there’s any sport that has room for some commercials it’s F1.

  6. Hard to sell that though. You can't guarantee there will be yellows or reds when selling the ad space months in advance

  7. Your correct and that’s the tough part but I think the sports getting big enough where companies would take the risk of some ads vs none at all.

  8. Woah, from $5M to $75-90M per year. F1 should thank Netflix I guess.

  9. F1 should be kinda thankful ESPN. They gave them American exposure before Netflix and kinda turned around a sport that was struggling financially.

  10. Ted. Opinions on attending races in US?

  11. Yep. It's not a "worker shortage", it's a "wages shortage." Pay workers more and you won't have a problem finding people to hire.

  12. Which is why we have a big problem on our hands now.

  13. Trump running again would be a democrats dream.

  14. I know he’s Monegasque but his parking here is very French. The lines and signs are mere suggestions, you go ahead and park where you want.

  15. As an American….you gotta back that shit in.

  16. Agree. It’s simple math what FIA could do. I mean which scenarios they could consider. Merc was confident they will get something beneficial. I suspect narrower gap to Ferrari and being realistic about 2 spot in WCC. It was possible due to their engine problems. Now it’s even more likely.

  17. Merc gonna be 6 seconds back a lap by the time they get ride height right…..

  18. Your looking at it wrong. 85 million voted for “not trump”. All Biden had to do was play it safe, and be a likeable 80 year old.

  19. I think(!) Mercedes is making a huge deal out of this because they know they have to raise the ride height for their drivers but are trying to force other teams to do the same so they are not the only ones losing out on performance. It's a strategic move which is part of the game of F1 but it's also sneaky and unnecessarily putting their drivers at risk.

  20. They wanna bailout for a flawed design.

  21. The issue here (and I’m not saying I agree, just relaying the argument) is that Ruggs required immediate medical attention and was transported to the hospital, where his blood was then drawn. Normally a field sobriety test is conducted first and then the blood test. So his lawyers are arguing that it violates due process. I doubt this holds up in court but we’ll see. He has money.

  22. So suddenly immediately requiring medical attention is a loophole to avoid DWI’s. Good luck with that.

  23. I respectfully agree-you have no clue.

  24. It's not really, you'd be better off to buy stock in Schneider, Siemens, or another electrical distribution company (transformers, switchgear, panels, etc).

  25. Check your wallet if you need to find the difference between 10,000 hours basketball and golf.

  26. Upstate NY. He was 6 and passed from lymphoma. Always had the best of everything and came from reputable breeder, the rest of his litter is all doing well at 10.

  27. …..they will fetch like once, second time they’ll just look at ya like “I’m not doing this over and over”

  28. “I know it’s not labeled boss but don’t worry I wrote down where everything went on the drywall next to the panel. The painters said don’t worry they’re not painting that wall anytime soon. “

  29. I said this another thread but it’s honestly because the NFL knows nothing substantial will happen to them.

  30. I know it’s a drop in the bucket but it’s gotta rattle the bean counters when your highest paid qb in the league isn’t even marketable enough to sell a jersey.


  32. Waiting for the gambling sites to get a hold it this.

  33. Only critique would be a 90’ in place of one the LL or LR fittings but it’s just aesthetics. Looks good

  34. It all comes down to how well you take care of yourself. I started at 19 and was stupid. I did alot of stupid shit.. no serious injuries at first just stupid stuff. By the time I was 30 it was catching up to me... Started getting some serious injuries and pains for what seemed like no reason. Torn rotator cuff, collapsed arches, inflammation of the knees, pulled a disc in my back... shit like that. By the time I was 38 I knew I had to transition into a project manager role or maintenance gig. I got a maintenance gig... Doesn't pay as well but I don't come home hobbling around every night like I'm 80.

  35. Your absolutely didn’t. It all comes down to us guys getting older to pass the message on….

  36. Right, I guarantee he’s working harder than anyone else in that shop on Monday.

  37. Anybody know what the unlock code is for the app early ticket access? It just goes to a blank screen for me... 😟

  38. Only 3 days rest bwtween Sunday game and thanksgiving game.

  39. The BIlls make me wanna shout…

  40. That’s not a code requirement here, more is a “best practices” thing. The pigtail isn’t about cost, it’s about eliminating the device as a failure point for the rest of the circuit and making it easier to change a device without de-energizing the circuit.

  41. And because by the time you plug in 30 space heaters under each desk in cubicle world your putting a lot of current through the metal jumper between screws. If a 15a receptacle has 17-18 amps across for too long. It will heat up and cook the receptacle. Pigtailng avoids putting load across that jumper.

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