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  2. My friend in IIT Indore is from Jharkhand, my uncle's car was bought from Jharkhand and has a number plate from there and I suppose the Indian Political map also shows its existence and the list goes on...

  3. That is Government propaganda. You can't take the red pill

  4. Idk man, in India a month can't pass without getting scratches, scratches reduce value, repaint reduces value, not original parts reduces value and when it's time to sell the car, the value you get is like 2k-3k less than you expect

  5. man you reminded me of an extremely bad encounter i had with a showroom.. big name showroom at that

  6. First time I got a car for evaluation (my dad's) I didn't know about those devices and was quite surprised when they started mentioning that this was debited, this was repainted, this was replaced etc

  7. same here❤️ thought it was toei filler but it was actually canon.

  8. Even if I was not, this is enough to make me claustrophobic

  9. I don’t think Kid and Law would do anything unless Green Bull went after them too. It would be Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jimbe for sure. They are still weakened but I think the four of them and maybe Yamato might be able to take him.

  10. I mean another G5 so soon would be life threatening but Luffy also developed his Adv Conq much during the fight, without DF he wouldn't hurt Kaido much with or without G5

  11. What? Without his devil fruit Gear 5 doesnt do much? Gear 5 is his fruit? Im so confuse

  12. G5 was his df awakening which gave him the ability to change properties of surrounding to that of rubber, it gave him speed and power and other buffs, but it's all nothing without a monstrous haki, Kaido stated that to be top tier a strong haki is a must (quite ironic from him since he has one of the strongest dfs to exist), and almost all attacks, if not all, had huge lightning strikes of Adv Conq emerging from them, without strong haki imo Luffy could at most just stall his loss even after awakening since the fight was actually borderline for Luffy

  13. And after exhausting all your stamina to kill him realize it was an imposter

  14. Zoro only has armament and CoC this is a well established fact. The only strawhat to have all 3 is Luffy

  15. Zoro also has all 3 types of Haki, he has great Armament and adv Conq haki but a weak observation haki whereas Luffy has top tier haki of all forms

  16. No you can't, nothing would be nearly enough to explain this

  17. Why did he bother though? Cats have natural instinct and can survive fall from 15 or more storeys

  18. Luffy is not stronger than kaido. Kaido literally fought 15 commander+ level characters in a row while toting an island for kilometers. Only losing after being exausted.

  19. You're very wrong there, Kaido was just kidding around with everyone, without Adv Conq or Adv Armament no one did any significant damage to Kaido, even Luffy's Red Roc which seemed so powerful didn't damage him much cuz that was Adv Armament, def top tier, but not the best, no one who Kaido fought strong enough Haki except Yamato Zoro and Luffy, Kid has base forms of Haki and Law doesn't even have Conq. Also just like Luffy eats meat to recover, Kaido drinks alcohol to recover (What do you think BB recovery food will be pies?). And Kaido was basically toying with Yamato, so until

  20. What part am l wrong about? Fresh kaido would still beat luffy. Itd just be much closer now.

  21. The last part, he only showed signs while fighting Luffy as quoted by Yamato

  22. that’s because roger kamusari is one of the fastest attacks and definitely the strongest one in opbr . you should have tried to dodge that instead of launching an attack of yours and never attack roger when he is chraging his skill 2, always make distance when he is charging unless you can knockback him

  23. Will keep that in mind, in general I think any charged attack can one shot, Yamato, Roger, Young WhiteBeard, all can one shot me if I can't disagree in time, also is there a way to increase size of movement stick? I couldn't find it

  24. yes you can increase size , click on the three line bar at right corner of your screen , then go to settings, there you can find it .

  25. Doesn't make sense to be 1v1 lol, luffy is the only one who isn't getting one shotted in that case.

  26. Zoro too will not get 1 shot as he also has Adv conquerors, Sanji also have a chance, Jinbe may or may not get 1 shot

  27. By a regular named move maybe, but none of them stand any chance against a finisher like kaido's flame dragon.

  28. I thought you were referring to that attack of whitebeard against Roger

  29. Inconsistent "CAPTILIZATION" in your text, is making me cringe so bad.

  30. Ever tried swipe typing to save time?

  31. Maybe it's just a matter of you actually having to think about which skill to use and when would be best to use it? When to use your skill? How long you have to survive before the skill you need will be off of cooldown because there's no dumb trait speeding you up by 50% or some dumb invincibility? How to best use your skills to disrupt the treasure area so you can delay the other team stealing treasure? How to make space with your skills so your team can escape a sticky situation? Getting last second saves from long distance without using some stupid teleport skill? Actually feeling the treasure meter and defending the freaking treasure?

  32. My point is if it's a game its core purpose is entertainment. If someone wants to be competitive and hone their skills they are free to do so but that doesn't mean someone can't be a casual player who plays for fun. If OP can't understand that or just wishes to troll newbies or casual players then that's really not cool, you being better at a game doesn't mean shit

  33. I have Roger Rival WB as only ex. No pero. Anyway I can dodge her singing? Yamato take time to charge so if I have my dodge ready I get away around 30% times but Uta is like instant, just always stuns me and then kill. Also I am new.

  34. Boofing devil fruit had me burst out laughing

  35. Fuck. I had to Google boofing and now I want to go back 30 seconds in time to stop myself XD

  36. The actual chapter is not out. It does not release until Sunday. They only way to read it right now is to read leaked scans of it, which is what this sub is really dedicated to.

  37. Chapter releases on Viz on Sundays, I think TCB scans mark the release

  38. My mind just thought about the funny red astronaut. Please help me

  39. I mean besides a usable Jinbei which are deserving of a non step up unit (even that’s debatable)?

  40. The way I see it, if we didn't see the vivre card burn then we shouldn't assume they're dead. I'm not saying it makes sense for them to survive being thrown into a volcano, but I am saying that One Piece characters have survived a lot worse.

  41. Like half the head blown but still standing tall and mighty while dying... and even after dying

  42. I suppose Blackbeard didn't explicitly say that he/Shiryu killed him, moreover he wasn't even a major villain.

  43. I mean both rounds still has a generally yonko/admiral level fighter with Luffy. The others aren't nothing to ignore even if they don't deal serious enough damage. So they're basically the best support. Truthfully if Kaido is maxed out & only Luffy is maxed, I think the supernovas could pull out the win.

  44. What the fuck are you talking about, Kaido is literally one of the only three known people in OP world to have Adv CoO Haki!

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