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  1. i don't even understand, are they against everyone? what obscure political party is this?

  2. This was originally found circulating rose Twitter. So socdems and demsocs.

  3. i understand people have real triggers, and I myself use trigger warnings, but like, come on! how come these kinds of people use so many damn trigger warnings?

  4. Exactly what I was thinking. Saw a trigger word list on one of these servers where some of the triggers were “the color red”, “brushing hair”, “teeth”, etc. It is sad how I’m not exaggerating. Also I’m pretty sure [email protected] [email protected] won’t make a difference.

  5. How do you go from rights for furries to sharia law? Is there some underground community of furries that draws Rule 34 of wolf men going after Salman Rushdie?


  7. But then what about the right of the body formed in the womb?

  8. it's not alive until it's born, anytime before that is just a small clump of cells

  9. The fuck do you think masks are for then? Why do surgeons need to wear them during surgery then? You claim this is some evil plot, but what, if any, benefits could be brought to the supposed perpetrators of such a thing?

  10. at least she wasn't in the avatar state when she was killed

  11. The fact that we need all these PSAs and reminders every month is concerning as to where it's leading this sub

  12. Your comics are truly amazing and moving, thank you so much

  13. oh look it's jinjerzilla, one of the most disgusting nazi artists

  14. why the hell would you want paranoia?! IT IS NOT FUN OR QUIRKY IT SUCKS

  15. indeed true, while i see crazy shit on other hentai subs, the people are (usually) kind and actually decent

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