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  1. You have to be level 40 to use it so youll need to do WONY first.

  2. Ahh. So being tier 5 doesn't mean level 40+? Now it makes a lot more sense. Because i can't see my level at the moment.

  3. Yes. Before dlc all characters are 1-30. After finishing capitol you are still level 30 but items and character then show gear score. Once you go to New York you reach level 31 and gearscore is no longer shown, even at level 40.

  4. Ahh i always have had thought my cap was increased by just owning WOFNY. Thanks again!

  5. I never knew that being a femboy nowadays is offensive? Kind of sucks for those (like me) that make femboy content or (vaguely) identify as one. Got the body and appearance. So why not?

  6. I figured someone just oopsed on the translator. Dutch, Deutch... it's not that dissimilar. Kinda funny to see as a Dutchie. Was half expecting some of those enemies in the depots to be milling about on wooden shoes ^.^

  7. Personally its quite obvious which is german and which is dutch. But. Yeah. We thought at first that "this must've been an accident." But at the same time. How can you mess that up. Arrrghhhh!

  8. I'm not certain this is the case. About two thirds of the time the turret shoots at me on the way in. I've never had a crime stat and the ship doesn't have any bodies in it.

  9. That sounds like something entirely else what you are experiencing. I didn't have those issues myself at all. I had tested what was happening on my end, and it was indeed because of the pirate bodies that were loaded onto my ship.

  10. I used to wear black or red armour, but I've taken a liking to white recently, with a bit of teal mixed in....

  11. I don't think just the UK finds this weird. I think most people finds this odd as fuck 🤣

  12. Dutch cities almost don't even have roads. Lmao.

  13. Generic man appearances 100275.

  14. If gundam would be in starcitizen..

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if they banned you on the discord. I actually believe you on that. Seeing they ban anyone that says something 'odd' or 'weird' or something that BARELY criticizes their games. They can't handle criticism. They wont unban you from there either. Unless they find and remember you on here.

  16. Same level as that cam in the same place your facing it not your back

  17. Then you've not watched the video at all. I am also facing my front.

  18. Posting the same thread in two separate forums garners a "reputation"? I apologize for reaching out to a small community in more than one place.

  19. Had the same issue. Difference is that they banned me on both discord and steam. Reddit and support are the only places i can reach out too.

  20. I am however happy that i can still talk here. Interact and share screenshots and report bugs? Which is really nice.

  21. I rather get killed by them.

  22. Grenade bounce physics are 10/more.

  23. Shitty frame drops. They build up over time until its unbearable to even play the game. And that with a fresh newly installed 3080 RTX.

  24. This change has been the worse ever so far that had happened within this game.

  25. The lore is pretty bad in this game, not going to lie.

  26. I miss the midair kick. Or the neat ranged weapons. There's a lot of good stuff that made dying light so great. That isn't in the second iteration.

  27. character reset doesn't actually reset anything. it reverts your character and ships to default, but you do not lose any items. you don't lose or gain any money. keeping items fun many days ago after a reset is completely normal. the only times I reset are when I lose an engine on my redeemer because it can't be repaired, so I reset to have the ship reverted back to its natural state. if you used every last dollar in game and are at 0, a reset will not give you back the 20k. there are missions you can do with basically no risk and only gain.

  28. They should update their description on the "reset" prompt. It doesn't mention that anywhere. My first reset actually did do a full wipe for me though, so thats why i was left confused.

  29. I've had to reset once since returning for 3.15, because of an infinite loading screen after bed log.

  30. Don't turn to the darkside just yet my friend you can still come back !

  31. I am admittingly not a PVP'er. But, these penalties sure encourage me not to care about the -rep penalties haha. Its really vague how you can protect yourself while not getting shot first.

  32. No clue, he shot my friend. We were next to one another and he started attacking.

  33. I got the Killa helmet and other then smelling like a Russian warehouse, no issues. Box was fucked but merch was in good shape. Took about 15 days to get it from them to me (EC US)

  34. Thankfully you are lucky then! Hah.

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