1. Jungle: Bumba's Spear, Transcendence, Brawler's (or Crusher depending on Antiheal necessity), Heartseeker, Arondight, Titan's Bane

  2. For the most part you’re correct, the exception is who you’re laning against.

  3. Protector/Seer > Jotunn's > Trans > Crusher > Silverbranch > Heartseeker

  4. Love Cupid he’s one of my diamonds. I use this build a lot and it’s great. I think you can flex it as well to change the last 2 items to ody/bloodforge, or Atlantas/shadow suriken for anti heal, or even toxic blade/silver branch. Hitting your heartbombs and landing enough auto’s for the passive and you’ll have a good time, use a jungle camp to stack it for an objective fight if needed. Also in lane abuse your healing to gain pressure and get camps.

  5. Hunter's Cowl / Leader's Cowl / Death's Temper > Trans > Asi > Qin's > Silverbranch > Ferocious Exe

  6. I just want to do the challenges without having to group up with 4 people lmao.

  7. You don't have to group with 4 other ppl though? Only for the 5 man conquest one do u need to

  8. Ooh I'll search for this, would love to see this from someone in the pro scene

  9. A good crit build is hitting for between 700-900 crits… crits are fine on heim his passive actually makes his crits fair if he didn’t have that passive his crits would be too strong

  10. It's fine, but it's been nerfed enough that it's probably finally time to stop going crit on him.

  11. High Level Comp / Ranked Build Resources (Conquest focused):

  12. Focus > Pendant > Warlock's > Shard > Reaver > Estaff / Myrddin / Tahuti

  13. SoI, her ult just is trash. It barely hits and when it does, it doesn't do enough damage.

  14. Build Myrddin and/or percent pen (Myrddin procs on her ult damage after first 1 or 2 shots), if you're going demonic, it's not good enough by itself. Magus is also solid on ability based Sol.

  15. Nah Achilles is fine as a jungler (and has been since his release), we don't need to be gutting his mobility.

  16. Think it would be a bit better if it wasn't for the fact that smite night has no matchmaking like regular modes and ranked do.

  17. They killed bauble for no reason just because people complained on twitter yet if you watch any high level games it's never built. All of those items are complete trash in the new tree. Bauble was fun on a few supports in arena so they killed it off because of that.

  18. Hunter's / Leader's Cowl / Death's Temper > Trans (Can optionally sell late for Dominance) > Asi > Qin's > Silverbranch > Ferocious Exe

  19. Freya doesen't need antiheal cause her dps is insane, but probably toxic blade and u'd swap hastened for it, otherwise Divine probably.

  20. I got banned from his chat because I explained why their support was building a Chronos pendant first and he called me a moron for "defending thrower trash" (flash forward a few months and Chronos pendant has a 30% presence in SPL support builds)

  21. My respect for Weak3n was forever destroyed in perpetuity when I overheard him bragging on stream about how much money he’s making on the stock market through private defense companies because of the war in Ukraine. Only a piece of shit would openly voice how much he’s loving how long this conflict is going on for because he’s getting rich off it.

  22. Did he at least say he would use the money from it to go to a good cause or something or nah?

  23. Bluestone > Crusher/Brawler's > Hydra's > Arondight > Serrated > Heartseeker > upgrade Bluestone to Brooch or sell for Bloodforge / Magi's Revenge

  24. Would you happen to have builds for Ah Puch and Ao Kuang?

  25. That or even a more cartoon themed.Cause smites graphics are something like a wanna be realistic graphics but in 2014-15 type of graphics

  26. Interestingly, Smite did used to have cel shading around the time of Beta / Alpha

  27. Turn ur settings up. Also ur a league player and complaining about Smite graphics, idk what to say...

  28. Yeah that one doesn't make any sense. I aint got 4 friends ready to play smite on saturday. Speaking of which, why is smite night only for one day? The whole even is incredibly half-baked and its so plain to see.

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