1. Ahh cmon dont gonna call me kiddo, ill cum (Harsh comedy)

  2. Not to discourage you but just an FYI, if by max level you mean 99 in every stat, that's an absurd time investment. If you ever see a max level player they've either item duped to duplicate boss souls or used a character creator tool.

  3. Not sure if I fully understand but if the problem is gank squads, consider playing offline or staying hollow. There aren't any particular reasons to stay human in the Archives unless you're trying to summon players for co-op.

  4. No i meant thats how i reached max level, im not haveing pvp problems just the base enemies

  5. honestly i wouldn’t worry too much about where the drive comes from unless you feel like it’s making you less happy or driving you to self destructive behavior somehow. it’s impossible to know for sure how trauma impacted you or why you have the urges you have, but if you’re not hurting anyone (including yourself) you should do what makes you happy. you’re not fucked up or broken even if you have embraced this side of yourself after/as a result of trauma.

  6. Thank you for the positivity ill try to forget about it :)

  7. Im sorry to say i fking hate tig welding, i believe it to be the worst weld type

  8. I play league and final fantasy XIV. How about you?

  9. More of fallout, dark souls, and mostly whatever else?

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