1. I find it very interesting that the Venom Shock makes it way on to that list. I would have thought that he would have been able to find something in the SPI catalog to roll like it if he wanted to.

  2. There's nothing that rolls quite like a Venom Shock.

  3. Ya, I've had one for years now. It's got a lot of good games on it for sure.

  4. Boomers on Facebook seem to be very happy with Chip’s hiring. I find this comment hilarious

  5. Right, I also think that box scores are the tools of the devil. Aint nuthin' worth counting higher than 7 fer anyway, 'cause that all the fingers the good lord gave me. I can just tell when a player is good, I don't need no fancy countin' to me nuttin'. Anyway, Betsy Sue, do we have enough beers to get through the weekend?

  6. This sounds a bit creepy, especially if said new new bowlers are minors.

  7. It is unfortunate that one has to say that jaybat is right here, but such is the state of the internet in 2023 and jaybat is right here.

  8. Absolutely blows my mind that the "PaRtY oF fAmIlY vAlUeS" is also the party of "work yourself literally to death, ignore your kids, put your aging parents in a home, let your disabled nephew starve in the streets"

  9. They are also the party of abortion bad, but lets make sure everyone can walk around with 128 different guns strapped them and if the cost of that is a few-hundred school shootings and murdered kids per year so be it. It is a party based upon raw emotions; logic doesn't enter in to it much.

  10. I mean, if you figure it out, I wouldn't be telling no one until your death bed, because if you can turn yourself into a robot, then you have opportunities to be very, very, very good at a lot of different games/sports. Bowling, billiards, darts, cornhole, horseshoes all come to mind.

  11. So your saying there’s no way to get better and be more consistent? Your comment doesn’t make Sense. Maybe your ok with not improving but I’m not. This was a question to help not for you to make a random comment.

  12. I didnt say that at all. I am advocating for a little bit of perspective. Too often I see people getting frustrated even angry when they can't do the exact same thing over and over, when that is very hard for a human to do.

  13. Limiting yourself to 10 lbs, you are not going to have a whole lot of choices. Non-plastic balls I see (and I just went to a website and filtered balls by 10lb here) are the Roto Grip's Hustle line, the Roto Grip Hyped line (which you have), the Hammer Raw line, the Hammer Vibe line, the Storm Electify line, the Motiv Thrill line, the Brunswick Rhino and Twist lines, and the rest are plastic. These are all light oil or medium-light oil balls.

  14. OH got their school voucher program in 2014. They have probably been getting state funding for many of those 9 years.

  15. They are illegal for the PBA tour. You are okay in using league and other tournaments.

  16. This exactly, and even then only for the national tour events at least as of today.

  17. +1, this was my thought, too. If the Gem isn't working for OP, then I would be hard pressed to name something else.

  18. Honestly, this is a methodology I've never really even thought of. Yes- of course, I've done Xth time of something but never thought to stop at the failed attempt and reset my count.

  19. Yeah, in many ways, once you've practiced the stress, you may come to wanting to lean in to it and learn to harness that nervous energy into what you want to do. Feeling a little nervous is good, it means you care and it means you are human.

  20. If you want to get super technical about it, it’s very different in terms of heat transfer because fluctuations in heat and removal of oil when it reaches the surface.

  21. My point is and was that while the medium is different, it is still the same mechanism. You try to lower the viscosity of the oil, increase its diffusion, by raising its temperature, and it will work its way back out of the cover of the ball. It really doesn't matter if the medium is air, water, glycol, liquid mercury... whatever.

  22. It is different with respect to oil removal from the surface of the ball that contacts the medium. The water and detergent will remove the oil and ultimately that is what you’re seeking. If you heat it with air, you get some seeping but it sits in the pores as long as it’s in there. I would argue you get more oil out because the concentration gradient is continuing to be present by the oil removal from detergent and water mixture

  23. I can buy that a detergent would trap oil in a micelle in the water and effectively trap it away from the cover again. That said, a towel on a ball right out of the oven does work too, or even a collection cup at the bottom if the ball was pretty soaked. Either way, its still a pretty good majority of the oil out, I think.

  24. Thanks for the advice! I’m glad you mentioned that, that’s something that’s bothered me with my release for a while but I’ve never really known how to fix it. I think it’s a result of growing up with a ridiculously stretched span and not having any wrist flexibility throughout my approach. Definitely the next thing I’ll focus on!

  25. something that works for me when I get this way (and this is probably my most common error): I think to myself... I am going to loft this ball to the dots. I don't. But it helps me have the fingers below the equator because that is the only way to pretend-loft it like that. Others have suggested 'pretend to scrape your knuckles on the foul line'. That didn't click with me quite the same as pretend-lofting it does, but perhaps that is an image that would better resonate with you.

  26. It really will not matter a whole lot. Pick one whose colors you prefer. I'd even suggest you can look at Hammer's RAW or Storm's Electrify or Motiv's Thrill or Venom or 900 Global's Burner or the Roto Grip's Hustle lines for more colors you may prefer. Thrill is about same strength at the Rhino or Surge, all the rest are about 1 small step up in strength (and that would also mean small step up in price, too).

  27. If this is not meant to just be a troll post, then the 'best' ball is going to be dependent on many other variables. Specifically, each of us throws a ball a little differently, one can change the roughness of the surface of their ball with different sanding pads, the oil pattern and lane topography also matters. The best ball is the one that best navigates that wide set of problems to allow you to strike the most.

  28. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I am so consistently inconsistent, it’s super frustrating. My coach gets on to me and says find MY version of ‘perfect’; where I can repeat shots. I finally feel like I’m getting there, then he totally zeros in on and focuses on everything that’s NOT perfect and I find myself once again changing and tweaking things endlessly in a quest to nail that perfect position.

  29. There's a pretty hefty tax on taking all your money out of an IRA too. My parents were talking about helping us buy a house by paying cash and mortgaging to us as the the "bank" right up till they found out about the huge tax burden. So we are back to trying for a mortgage ourselves. Buying a house is hard, y'all.

  30. This is exactly why I keep coming back to this dumb site. These are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  31. For a first ball, the specific differences between pearl/hybrid/solid don't really matter. Tautologically, you will only have that one ball, right? So you will have to adjust off it regardless. But more than that, what you are trying to do here is build up a repeatable shot as a primary skill.

  32. Most super glues are cyanoacrylate based. This is known to make polyurethane, the base material of almost every non-spare ball (made of polyester plastic), more brittle. This is why the grips are put in with just the tiniest amounts at 3 or 4 places around the grip. If you put a large amount of superglue on the ball, I think you will actually weaken the plastic there and make it more prone to cracking and kick of actually making your problem there significantly worse.

  33. I wanted the altered reality so badly. Replaced it with a game breaker 4 so it's not all bad. I heard the eternity is its replacement, but I've got my eyes on the zen u instead so....

  34. It uses a S84beta cover chemistry, which I would assume wouldnt have the 'beta' behind it unless it were different. How different I don't know, I suspect not too big of a difference because it is still in that 'Reality' line. But the fact that it is a different cover formulation, I would not be as confident about polishing it up and being the same as the Altered or scuffing it down and being the same as the Reality.

  35. The rule of 31 is and always has been a starting point. It is not general enough to account for everyone's shot type, everyone's equipment, the actual lane topography, and so on. Everyone has to find their own game. And if at your house, aiming for the 3 board is it for your shot, then you do you; don't let some arbitrary guideline tell you otherwise.

  36. If your center is connected to Lanetalk, that is super easy. You have to start the app after you complete your first frame, tell it what lane you on and which bowler you are and it does the rest.

  37. I’m becoming a Coors Banquet fanboy. It’s such a perfect beer. Cheap, tasty, sold everywhere, cool can. Budweiser needs to step up their game

  38. My dad used to tell tales of roadtripping out to CO just to bring that beer back to MO, lol.

  39. That’s the entire premises of Smokey and the Bandit. The old timers say that Falstaff was an amazing beer, too bad it was discontinued

  40. Pabst was making it along with a bunch of other old-named beers for a while. I know you could find it on the road to Milwaukee along with Hamm's and Schlitz's and Blatz all coming from the Pabst/Miller brewery up there. But I see wiki says Falstaff was discontinued back in 2005 :(.

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