1. I find that clicking “BATTLE” on the home page is the best next step after evaluating my stats. Highly recommend giving it a shot, it can change your strategy entirely.

  2. but the 50/50 probably won't be seen again is the issue. Take it when you can get it. I've gone whole runs 2k plus waves without it showing up (with 4 options, 2 bans).

  3. And I’ve gone whole 3k+ waves without seeing a second perk wave reduction. It’s absolutely punishing to your farm when that happens. Yes, the odds of seeing perk wave reduction vs 50/50 are higher, but the punishment for when it doesn’t come back is far greater. Perk wave reduction gains you more rolls which leads to more chances at 50/50, and if it doesn’t roll again then you have rolled other useful things like x1.8, GT, base coin perks, or health and defense % perks. The amount of health you get on average from accepting another wave reduction can easily outweigh the 50/50 even if it doesn’t show up. The difference is, you got that extra health WITH other perks which leads to a better farm overall. And that’s not even considering the fact that you still could get 50/50 on another roll anyway.

  4. Vegas is a shit organization and they think this is awesome and clever.

  5. Can you declick/cross fade an instance of a midi pattern, or does this only work on samples?

  6. Is it the one where I launched a complaint afterwards as well as needing to get the main arbiter to review the rules?

  7. After a certain number of perks (40 or 50...can't remember) you can't choose any more.

  8. While that number may be accurate in practice, there’s no rule coded in anywhere that you are limited to 50 perks, that’s just a consequence of what happens after exhausting all available perks.

  9. Would it be to much to ask for any compensation for the delay? What do you guys think?

  10. What exactly makes you think we are entitled to any form of compensation on this matter? Smh.

  11. How many coins do you get in a typical farm run? Trying to figure out how much worse this run was coin-wise.

  12. Diligent gem tapping. The wording in that comment was a little odd, it sounds like a “bonus 400”, but it’s not. He just means with the no ads pack and diligent gem tapping you can get 400 gems a day, easy.

  13. And those 400 gems would otherwise cost you 40 minutes of watching ads to get if you don't buy the pack to disable them.

  14. Yes, and while watching those ads you aren’t grinding out coins, so it’s like a triple whammy of efficiency to buy the no ad pack.

  15. The timestamp projected there is Tuesday, October 4th, at 12:00AM UTC

  16. Congrats and thanks for making my bracket that much harder 😂

  17. it is a reference to how on old arcade scoreboards you would always see at least 1 person named AAA because that was just waht the default option was

  18. Oh wow and how fitting that you are at the top 😂

  19. Is two or three days later really that long?

  20. Naw not at all, but it is an oddity if it’s happened a few times now. And yea still a bit of a bummer lol.

  21. Citation requested. From both you and OP lol.

  22. Also the voting options are really poor apparently. From what I see there were no 'I don't know options'.

  23. Not to mention the wording of some of them like “should chess.com leak the list of all titled cheaters”. This should probably say “release” vs “leak”, I feel with “leak” there are some negative connotations that might impact peoples’ decision.

  24. It's absolutely vital once you devolve your tower to run DW strat in early stages of each run. If you don't run devo DW it's useless above T1.

  25. I disagree with this from personal experience, which may be biased. For awhile I was running the 4:2:1 ratio of damage to hp to and def (workshop coin cost cost ratios). I had heard this was a great setup for devo, and it was fine. But after enough runs I started to convince myself that I don’t think abs def was making much of an impact at all. So I respec’d and left abs def at 0 which let me pump up damage and hp a bit further. I found that I survived just as easilly and had better devo multipliers due to the increased stats.

  26. Thank you for your help, I found an option that seems to have fixed it. To anyone having this problem, try removing all USB devices in developer options, then right underneath it click "disable power management" and run it. It's description says "...yada yada yada... If you experience mysterious loss of tracking or inability to pair wireless controllers." Just got off after about a 3 hour session, no problems the whole time. Hope it keeps up, because this thing is amazing.

  27. I know this is from 3 years ago, but I just want to share that this fixed my issue and I thank you for taking the time to write up your solution.

  28. Very glad to hear it helped! Just a mini update for you then, I have had absolutely no problems with my headset since this fix, and it never happened again! Which is great news, because I remember how ridiculously frustrated I was that I was seemingly the only one with this problem.

  29. Yes I’ve been down the road of having that one problem nobody else seems to have, very frustrating!

  30. Literally, fuck the haters, you clearly already know the risks going into this, so just enjoy your hobby.

  31. CF at max has 100% uptime. Its still a requirement to have at the endgame too for its slow.

  32. I know GT and DW would be two of the three above it, but what’s the third? BH? Is BH really that good now?

  33. There are top players that went from ~50 bil coins per run to ~150 bil coins per run. It can triple your coins. So it is considered one the best

  34. That's absurd! Welp... time to save up 1250 stones I guess.

  35. I know, but please how to solve this because i have some old projects with FLEX, and now I can't open them.

  36. I’m just taking the piss my man, I have no clue.

  37. The funniest part is your own typo. 💀

  38. Oof fair enough. But I didn’t write a paragraph with more errors than I can count lol.

  39. “My illogical comments are excused because I said you don’t have to read them”

  40. Literally copy and paste reply, I’m not even gonna read it. Use your brain cells or stop posting.

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