Acer reveals Intel arc Predator BiFrost GPU.

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  1. Caribou could never be the final boss, he’s basically a member of the crew at this point

  2. If there is a designer out there who would make a bikini with this look I would appreciate it. I wouldn’t buy it…. just appreciate that it existed.

  3. I've seen cosplayers do this for years for different characters. I'm sure it exists.

  4. Arm becoming mainstream for desktops is an inevitability. The reduced complexity and power requirements are a natural draw and apple is demonstrating that the architecture is no slouch.

  5. How difficult is it using the 16-55mm on the X-Pro body? Sometimes the grip on the XT4 isn't enough.

  6. PLEASE tell me it is guarded by a twelve foot tall cranky owl??

  7. I’m working on a personal project and I considered using my breadboard and components I got for school, but I didn’t have a large selection of resistors (220, 1k, and 10k) so I used my tynkercad login to make a simple circuit to experiment with different input voltages and resistance values to optimize some leds. IT was so nice not having to worry about smoking an led in real life. Now I want to try crumbism.

  8. Totally! Can't imagine all the smoking stuff we had in the lab classes.

  9. It's something you have to fail to do. I guess your class was just that good. Haha

  10. Good... But haven't they made tech that doesn't use face at all but instead movements to identify people to better precision so none of that matters?

  11. I love that, out of all the possible roles Dax could've been cast as, he's a demon douche. Perfection.

  12. the amount my profs shill their books would make you think otherwise

  13. Ya aren't the books and the institutions the sponsor they keep going back to

  14. His followers: I can’t wait to use his faster version! Here’s all my money!

  15. People are weird. The power is absolutely incredible for a handheld

  16. Also the comfort is really nice. I'm happily playing away on a game that's getting 30-40fps. I have a capable desktop and monitor but after working all day it just gets boring sitting in same place.

  17. I do about half of my Deck playing while away from home (waiting in line at the drive up bank, on my lunch break, waiting for a movie to start, waiting on friends to meet me for dinner), and the other half at home. Sometimes I just want to splay out across my couch under a throw blanket and play Dreamlight Valley for 3 hours while I listen to a video essay on the TV.

  18. Exactly. When a game that takes advantage of the performance of my desktop/monitor interests me, I'll use it but the deck to me is for casual play.

  19. This is probably the only game adaptation everyone can agree you don't need to play the source material

  20. DOTA, Castlevania, Cyberpunk etc. Netflix studios are good at making video game based animated shows without needing to know the original game sources.

  21. Stormfront had 2 generations of scumbag inside her

  22. Acid should be super effective against steel!

  23. This photo reminds me of Mah queen-moments

  24. Any sitcom with laugh track. How I met your mother is horrible but I remember my friend group having so many laughs from it.

  25. At this point I assume 90% of people who say it was awful are most likely the same crowd who weren't able to actually leave the country and therefore never used it. It took 5 mins to set up and upload my shit, one time.

  26. The ArriveCAN app does have privacy and security issues that need to be dealt with. But if USA is going to have their app for faster travel, I don't see why we can't either.

  27. I kind of just assumed he'd be with tashigi since they're usually together.

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