1. Ekin being her usual abusive self, she seems to be going out of her way to become as unlikable as possible. Awfully managed post island career, I can't see her being around at all a year from now, the likes of Indiyah and Tasha have already. left her behind.

  2. And yet she's all this sub talks about 🙄

  3. Think davide should just address himself once and for all because ekin getting the blame in this is so stupid she was litreally in Ireland having the best time to come home and find this shit out.

  4. The comment she was replying to.

  5. I've edited it, sorry i didn't think of that x

  6. I have to ask not in rude way. How do you support her no matter what? And why? Like what do fans do to support islanders other than liking and leaving a positive comment on their posts

  7. I mean I like her still and I’ll support whatever decision she decides to make with her personal life as I’m sure she knows what’s best for her. I’m not going to stop being a fan of hers just because she decides she wants to stay with Davide. I guess I support her by yes liking and commenting on her videos, respecting her decisions and occasionally buying her products. Why do you want me to list out to you what it means to support someone in the public eye?

  8. Would you buy a product just because she's promoting it? Like you have more confidence in or attraction to a product because Ekin is being paid to advertise it?

  9. If I like the product and think i'd use it and Ekin is promoting it then yeah I don't see why not. This is sorta what influencers do it isn't unique to Ekin lol

  10. It always makes me so mad when a woman’s partner does some shady shit in a relationship and then the woman shames only the other women instead of being mad at who the actual problem is with - the man.

  11. I understand and agree with what you are saying but you could try and have a bit of empathy for Ekin. I imagine she tweeted that whilst emotionally charged and clearly upset, she's human at the end of the day and had a weak moment, I truely don't believe those to be her genuine beliefs. She's deleted the tweet and that's all she can do right now. I think she should take some time to herself to work on her mental health because everything she's been going through would take a toll on anyone.

  12. Who are you to say she isn't classy? And I wouldn't consider someone who can speak two languages, has a uni degree, worked in finance and made a career for herself in a foreign country all by herself to be dim. Sometimes deals don't workout, it didn't work for Paige and it didn't work for Amber, it doesn't make Ekin Su a failure especially when you consider the fact that she's an actress not an influencer. The fact that you are now taking this opportunity at this sad moment in her life to put her down even further shows what a nasty person you are.

  13. Bad take, i'm glad she's deleted it. I don't think she actually agrees with it.

  14. Idk how to post videos, could someone pls post this to the main sub?

  15. If anyone hasn't liked the last vlog yet pls do! We need that Italy vlog

  16. I think that’s the issue people can’t complain about Ekin being treated unfairly if they are using her to tear down other women… unfortunately a lot of people have internalised misogyny and don’t realise that is what they are doing when they think they’re being a stan and have to defend their fave. I personally like seeing women succeed in whatever they want to do so you won’t catch me dragging one women to uplift another

  17. I'm not saying defend as in tear down but if someone says Ekin is unsuccessful on a post that has nothing to do with her than I think it's reasonable that fans would reply telling them why that isn't true and the same would go for any other fanbase. I agree we should uplift rather than doing comparisons constantly. I too want to see all the girls succeed in whatever they are passionate about.

  18. The thing is no one was saying that she was unsuccessful. It’s not reasonable to go on a post just to say that ekin has more money when the post only talked about one girl without mentioning or dissing the others.

  19. I didn't see anyone saying that I only saw responses to people bringing Ekin up, if what you are saying was the case then yeah that would be weird.

  20. Lol and people say the relationship is fake

  21. Good morning everyone! Hopefully we get a Maldives vlog today 🤞

  22. She takes accountability in the second slide x

  23. sorry but if this was olivia or virtually any other love islander the hate they would be getting would be insane

  24. So that means Ekin should be dragged too? They are both actress trying to make it, neither of them should be dragged for it.

  25. I will be relishing in the fact that you stans were wrong actually as you’ve been wrong multiple times in the past. You would think you guys would be more humble

  26. You hate all this stan wars stuff but when you are actively hoping for Ekin to fail so you can rub it in her fans faces you have to admit to yourself that maybe you are part of the problem and maybe you need to reevaluate yourself cos it's honestly just strange and quite frankly pathetic to wish negativity onto someone you've never met just to get back at some fans on reddit lol

  27. Apparently from insiders there Ekin is a nightmare to work with.

  28. What insiders told you this lol

  29. For people who don't want to give the Daily Mail clicks. This article does have some information wrong so please take it with a pinch of salt as you would any tabloid article.

  30. I’m crying any comment that isn’t 100% positive for ekinsu and op is right under the comment ready to ride for her😭 like calm down not every critic is “shade”

  31. People can critique Ekin but other people are allowed to contribute to the discussion and defend her if they wish to

  32. This is why islanders shouldn’t just take the brand deal that pays them the most money but rather the brand deals that most align with them so it’s easier to build a long-term relationship. These brands will drop you at the drop of a hat and don’t care if they screw you over in the process.

  33. I think out of all the deals Ekin could have taken Oh Polly made the most sense as she wore them during her most iconic villa moments even the workout range is what she was wearing with Davide in the gym. Just cos the deal didn't workout doesn't mean she was silly for taking it, I think Oh Polly sold her a dream and made terrible decisions for her.

  34. Give Ekin her money you scammers

  35. It’s refreshing and probably very foreign for a lot of us viewers of this show to see someone actually focusing on the love part of love island. That’s why people are so quick to clown her and call her a failure because her career path isn’t the conventional and typical love island influencer path we’re all used to seeing these ex islanders take.

  36. Yess! That's always what she said she wanted from the beginning, it's other people that put their expectations onto her.

  37. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/uk/health/mental-health/a43270182/ekin-su-cover-star/

  38. Omg pls let that be the case 🤞

  39. I'm so over these Love Island podcasts, it's all contrived bull to keep islanders in the press, I don't believe any of it.

  40. I think it's cute how Davide has now followed Nas and Callum from season 6 on instagram, the both of them are both still in successful relationships with their love island parters.

  41. I didn't get Ekin's women's health magazine cover on my instagram feed I had to go to her profile, I wonder why that happened?

  42. Omg how you even recognized or remember that is insane! Great memory!!

  43. She seems like she is restricting tho, have u seen her eating cucumbers in a club? Nothings wrong with restricting if you have certain goals but she deffo does

  44. I thought it was broccoli, which i don't think is that weird.

  45. The fact that there is actually people over on the main sub still saying they are fake when they are having a low key trip together staying in Italy at Davide's family home is just so stupid to me I have to just laugh at this point

  46. Almost 50k views on the Maldives vlog guys!

  47. Ugh I love when I am constantly shown how right I am to stan

  48. I'm surprised at how well he does at explaining everything! He'd make a good trainer.

  49. Can someone post davides workout vid on the main sub

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