1. It would be really cool to scale down this synthesis for smaller labs with less sophisticated equipment, but Hamilton didn't make it easy...

  2. I might have to try that honestly, got the ingredients already so might as well :)

  3. Closed, becausevI have a studio apartment and it's the only door besides the bathroom

  4. why do you need to reduce your product? if we're just salting an amine it should react easily. the zinc would produce side products.

  5. The reduction refers to the last reaction before the final product, which yields the freebase oil.

  6. gotcha, it seems like you'd probably have the salt in solution in the IPA. if there's no other contaminants you could probably filter off the zinc and then evap under vacuum to recover the salt. Alternatively, to do one more acid/base conversion for purity you'd remove all or the majority of the solvent, redissolve in aq. hydroxide and then extract with organic, then proceed as above.

  7. I think the thing to do would be to test the former on a small amount of the freebase oil, and if it goes well go that route. If not, go from there.

  8. Never been drunk cause I've never had alcohol. I don't have any interest in it really plus I think I'd get addicted cause I have bad depression

  9. Not mine, just seems like you were trying to condescend to drinkers by showing up and waving your sobriety around. If that's not the case, I take back my harsh tone.

  10. Anything that references Christianity as an explanation of their prejudice. If your God is infallible, and he creates exactly as intended, then someone who is different from the majority of people should be seen as equal in the eyes of said God.

  11. Where do you place agnostics? I have no idea of there's a God or gods or nothing divine at all, and quite frankly I couldn't care less.

  12. I prefer agnostic secular humanist, but bc sky wizards don't matter it doesn't matter how that's characterized. I try to focus more on tangible, terrestrial problems, challenges, and achievements, than old books and rituals.

  13. Even if they don't do research, it's still fine to question science.

  14. Of course, I'm not referring to merely questioning science- that's what drives scientific achievements forward.

  15. Questions are fine, but asking them after doing no true research (or even using a search engine) only to declare others wrong or sheeple or w/e BS you're on that day is fuckin dumb.

  16. Ohh man, that's enticing. Anything with 90% yields is pretty damn impressive. Is that the max recorded or typical of this process? It seems like they mean it's standard for that to be yields when done properly. If so I am thoroughly impressed.

  17. May I interest you into liquid cultures? IME, its the fastest colonizing method, but does need a lot of care to prevent contamination.

  18. See, I'll sacrifice some speed for increased defense against contamination. But I suppose it is about time I learned how. Any teks you'd recommend or is the best Tek to utfse?

  19. You asked for advice and I took the time to give you a simple piece of it. There’s a number of things you could choose to do with it. I don’t know your backstory. No one knows what you’re trying to accomplish. Hell, you could have just read my comment and kept going. You’re an asshole. You don’t deserve mushrooms.

  20. First of all, I shared my work. Far from asking advice. You stuck your nose where it didn't belong and without any maliciousness intended let you know that your input was unnecessary and unwelcome.

  21. Not where, but how- try to come from a place of honesty, curiosity, and sincerity and you oughta do just fine. Find a subreddit that really resonates with you.

  22. I want to post to Red Letter Media about a song from one of their movie reviews. I’m not allowed because my fake internet points total is too low. Kind of crummy.

  23. Yeah, it's tricky to get going, but maybe find a sub for that genre of music more generally and see if that gets you somewhere. At the very least you may have a good conversation about music! Think journey, not so much destination. At least that's been what works for me.

  24. I "escaped" by participating in therapy sessions, taking my meds, and generally being honest and open about my illness. There's a reason people end up hospitalized, and the best way to get out is to do the work.

  25. I've only gotten the one, years ago, but exactly NOTHING came from it. Just put it in the circular file, maybe after a few good tears and rips for good measure.

  26. You could make an unscheduled analogue of some kind, bc of course you wouldn't intend to consume any of the product. GHB from gamma-valerolactone, I think dipropyltryptamine and some other N,N-subbed tryptamines. Alpha,1-dimethyltryptamine should also be unscheduled but may be trickier to source precursors for, and of course my dear, sweet baby 2C-MD has a completely legal synthesis using easy to obtain, cheap materials.

  27. My candidate for a perfect movie. No wasted scenes. No jokes that don't land. Great pacing.

  28. It's my absolute favorite film. I've seen it at least 50, maybe 60 times from age 9 through a couple months ago. Film Noir meets stoner comedy cult classic in just the right ratio.

  29. Tryptophan in baby oil, the pink one, aprox per 10g of tryptophan 20/30 drops of spearmint oil, be sure its have carvone, smells like wrigleys chewing gum. In reflux for 20/30 mins you will notice when the rxn is over no more bubbling occurs and turns clear. Extract with vinegar. The yield is around 30% but is cheap.

  30. Could yields be improved by extraction with higher concentrations of acetic acid? I.e. Would GAA pull more tryptamine out? Is tryptamine soluble in it, or is there another reason for using vinegar.

  31. Why not just scrape like 12 bucks together and buy some pseudo if you want methcathinone. Is the point to challenge yourself?

  32. Partially I came across like a gram of bupropion for free and thought what the hell why not try something

  33. I can dig it. I've definitely settled on projects bc I had something on hand and wanted to see if I could. Let us know how it works out!

  34. By pulling them off my feet from the top- turns them inside out but it's a quick peel and forget type thing when I get home from work.

  35. If you can eat, sleep, and hold down a job I say it's healthy. Like if you do a lot of uppers, but your diet is okay and you get sleep 6/7nights a week while maintaining gainful employment, you're probably not a "junkie."

  36. Are you from Canada? If not, where are you from? Just wondering.

  37. It's fundamental to freedom of expression that marijuana, and all other drugs, be fully decriminalized. Who other than me has the standing to say how I should feel or why I should feel that that way, much less what I choose to do with my own body.

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