1. Started a kratom extraction side hustle, and have a proprietary method to convert mitragynine (main alkaloid) to 7-OH-mitragynine. I've had largely excellent reviews from the few customers I have established.

  2. Thanks a lot for the knowledgeable feedback! I'll look into discord and guilded and well as

  3. I see the review but not idea what the product is lol

  4. Always...ALWAYS trust that written by hand "legitness" reminded of Tommy boy scene where he refers to guaranteed and pooping in boxes..those that know what I'm talking about are ROFL right now too just like me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜

  5. No shade. I remember you saying you were going to make freebase kratom that's what I was referring to

  6. I was but I'm not certain of safety so it's not been released yet. Or even if a freebased version (these are salts) is good for kratom in general.

  7. 24h uv exposure while oxidized with H2O2 and zinc oxide, filtered and evaporated for safety, then finely ground. So yeah, she smacks. Hucksindielab.net has a trust pilot review to such effect ( we're new so one is all so far).

  8. Gotcha on unregulated nenzosbin most places? Where do you like sibInknow what I can offer

  9. Reductionism and pure shittiness dude. My aunt is nothing kikt that . Learn one facta bout anything never.

  10. Got threatened by a biker who couldn't just move along. Abortion Rights Rally last night got contentious

  11. Bromazolam and regular old diazepam

  12. Ideally you'd have a heating/stirring plate, but heat to simmering, dissolve then bottle, shake suuuuuper well, and chill. I find that worked fairly well before the ban ok r just use grain alcohol.

  13. Hucksindielab.net has steeper discounts and also runs them til the 4th... Buy a gram of extract and get 100g powdered leaf for 3 bucks more

  14. Leave it to the pigs to pick and choose what laws matter... I bet nonviolent possession charges will go way up to make up for the lost quota numbers.

  15. If a benzodiazepine is handy, consider using a low dose as landing gear if the activated charcoal doesn't cut it. GABAergics like them will dampen dopamine activity and reduce stimulation and heartrate

  16. I think it's beautiful to mess with woo-oriented works that complain about free DMT. Wholly deserved, they oughta be grateful for the molecule, the negativity is their own imho.

  17. If it's active at the level you say it is where can I get 100mg dose to test it before I buy ten

  18. Cool cool man, I’m sure you’re a good business, just really curious on 7OH percentage and any other alkaloids that are in there.

  19. So are we! Also, planning on getting an artificial UV light to really push it further

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