Murder attempt survivors, what happened?

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  1. That's a threat and a promise, and if you think I can't do that if this acct is disabled you don't understand how revenge works you sick fucks

  2. If that bothers you stop. Or I will do everything in my power to drive every one of the people in your lives away from you. Everything.

  3. Okay that's 3 passwords I didn't change in like 25 minutes. Need to counterattack, but not savvy enough. If you have ideas we can def discuss higher pricing bc these sociopaths are gonna end up catching fists

  4. In the event you do or are mistaken for doing anything shady, they could just be regular ol' bacon

  5. Because after asking to be left alone many engaged in harassing me. Y'know I was being truthful bc I don't want to hear a damn thing more from you people and you don't wanna stop. Seek help, don't idc anymore. Leave me the fuck alone, each and every one of you.

  6. I believe you should read my most recent post. I give up when people are allergic to kindness and caring

  7. You literally created a sub to post screengrabs of people on this sub who you perceive to need psych help but refuse to get it when antipsych is a general response to medical abuse, I feel like giving up on this sub is the most healthy thing you can do here

  8. Y'all keep replying to me which I've said multiple times is something I have no quarter for. Not gonna have anyone committed but I will be contacting valid advocacy groups to try and see if common ground or improvements to safety can be made. Contact me one single more time and mods will be made aware of brigading/harassment

  9. I believe in warning others of the misinformed at best and bad actors at worst. I'm entitled to my concerns, just like you claim to be

  10. Nobody here wants your "care". This is a subreddit primarily for survivors and victims of psychiatric abuse. Not sure what you seek to accomplish by confronting this "ideology" you speak of.

  11. I seek to help you find comfort. I've been psychotic a d delusional for long stretches and when I got help I could see how I'd been avoiding living instead of existence

  12. You know mental illness is also probavable right? Autism is confirmable as is manic depression and like evwrth other one. Provide a real sour e or don't go out of your way to paint me as ignorant.

  13. Smfh you're not even trying to understand me or what I mean. Come back in good faith please, I have made effort to get your perspectives so of which I don't fully discount.

  14. My uncle tried to smother me to death at my own birtyparty at age 6. I forgave him when I had my first manic episode; we're both bipolar I

  15. Nope experienceothe ability to hold down a job make some friends and smile. Terrible, I know

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