1. I know that it’s always the case in Survivor AU that one person talks for an entire alliance, but could we really not have heard more from Liz?

  2. Liz has a lot of content outside confessionals

  3. Yeah she’s involved in a lot of conversations, but that’s all because Shonee is there. I don’t think she’s really had a scene without Shonee (aside from sitting right behind Mimi lol).

  4. … is it bad that I read “Sinnoh” as “Honnis” at first glance?

  5. Why is that a thing..? Why don’t they just say first to 7 or something instead of 3 if they’re just doing more rounds

  6. Because they don’t want to waste so much airtime on the challenges

  7. There’s also Petalburg city on some characters and I very much doubt daddy is coming to lodge anytime at all so… nah

  8. My guess was giganto in his deck. He snapped early then retreated here.

  9. Ah I see I didn’t realise he retreated. What a false nickname >:(

  10. Wasn't Jordie only cast last season because his brother was the fan that applied to the show? Kind of like a Keith and Wes situation

  11. Yes. You can tell who the original applicant was in each of the pairs.

  12. They're definitely working together and I love it

  13. Yeah there was no way Liz would just sit there like that and Mimi not realise. Hilarious in the edit though so props to the editors.

  14. It's probably a nullifier... and it looks like one. I think it's a tad bit unfair to not have any instructions with it. Like, how is Simon expected to know that at all? And if it was found by the newbies especially, WHO WOULD KNOW??

  15. … wait did she Shang chi & absorbing man all your Deadpools in the last round or smth?

  16. The obstacle courses changes so I’m cool with it. Would still love something truly fresh though :P

  17. Well if it wasn’t Alyssa it would’ve been him? And whether you’re a faithful or traitor, you would not want to get banished since you don’t get any money.

  18. I'm really happy that a few newbies got their introductions this episode. And while the main story edit is still being dominated by the same people (

  19. I thought this paled in comparison to BvW (which I rmb was decent? Before it became utter shit right after) but was definitely way better than BvB (which was downright trash)

  20. Can someone tell you “to obey sub rules” of not posting spoilers please?

  21. Michael bruv “I’m hungry and we need to win challenges” you’re possibly down three now what’s the thought process

  22. It makes sense imo. By having one more out, heroes need to sit one more out too. So if Anjali is weaker than the 2nd weakest person on the Heroes’ tribe, then it’s beneficial to vote her out. Heroes would sit a weak one out, but Villains got to get rid of a weaker one.

  23. Yeah idk why they chucked that in the preview. They had already set it up in the episode when they pointed out his hat.

  24. They also hired new editors apparently which gives me some hope.

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