1. So is true that it has a trans character?

  2. I hear that there is a deaf community. The community shares each other's pain about not being able to hear. If a member's hearing ever gets restored, they will be shunned by the community because now they can't relate to each other anymore.

  3. Whatever reason, lashing out in public costs the dude his dignity. Don't forget it.

  4. There is a 'kratos jumping off the cliff' meme template. It's pretty famous on reddit but I guess malayalis are new to that.

  5. That looks oh so different from this. "The gods of Olympus has abandoned me"

  6. If not for reddit I would've never realised the second meaning of edibles!

  7. I didn't recognize any of them and I know them!🤣

  8. Can I say Sunny Deol? He overacts but the emotion in his eyes are pretty good.

  9. He's not #1 but I want to give Ashutosh Rana a mention because of how terrifying he was. Maybe Mukesh Rishi too. If Amrish Puri was still alive he'd be #1 easily.

  10. Oh I thought this was for actresses only.

  11. Lol mine was Way of Kings... Guess I should have suspected what I was getting into

  12. Likewise, though I got it and Mistborn together, and funnily enough, never realised the connection as anything more than the same author till I googled it.

  13. " These deposits are quite distinctive!"

  14. With 8 guys, she is one Unmade short of being Odium's champion, unless you count her cuck husband.

  15. Suprised no-one noticed it till now. Slattern has been doing the rounds for some time.

  16. Isn't this the same dude who made gay/bi Superboy, lied about it getting massive sales, threw a tantrum when people pointed it out, and then made it look like there was no problem even when the book got cancelled?

  17. That was less John Wick, more Quentin Tarantino.

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