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  1. If you look at the viewing figures they've more or less been on a slow but consistent slide since series 7 (when inventor Tom won). I think the producers are trying to rectify this by focusing on the bits that got people talking in previous series (basically mess ups) and tried to engineer them, as well as taking from other reality shows that perform well - like Love Island.

  2. Apparently someone from Merc drove it down to the Aston factory this morning!

  3. Nah, sentence him to being an MP somewhere else. Like Rhyl.

  4. Would be mega fun if the Tories go into the Windsor vote relying on Labour to get it though only for Labour to change their mind on support at the last minute.

  5. So his defence is that he didn’t know the rules applied to these gatherings.

  6. "is it good enough to rely on communications people rather than legal professionals?"

  7. "The prime minister paid £325,826 in capital gains tax and £120,604 in UK income tax on income of £329,561."

  8. I should imagine most of the family income would be via his non-dom wife. That would be the most sensible route..

  9. It's a fair point. It goes without saying that Ruth Perry's suicide, like any, is a tragedy. But it's not going to be down to just a poor inspection - after all, 100s of other head teachers have experienced just that - and its sad someone was able to get to that point.

  10. A proper dash cammer would have blasted the horn instead of braking and just smashed straight into them. Get more views that way you see.

  11. I find it absolutely terrifying. The cammers are usually showing another driver making a fairly minor mistake like misjudging a merge on a roundabout or being in the wrong lane on an unfamiliar roundabout, but respond in a way that escalates it from a 'whoops' to an actual collision.

  12. My neighbours cock(erel) does not adhere to daylight savings time. Always up making stupid noises at silly o clock.

  13. Does anyone actually get excited about these huge SUVs that all look the same? If you told me this was the EV9 I'd have believed you, even though I watched a EV9 video last week.

  14. Having thought it was bland and horrible at first I’ve actually grown to like as much as i can a crossover (which i hate). There are some nice design touches in here and its refreshingly minimal.

  15. I'm fairly certain the BMW i4 is on the same platform as the 3 series & combustion cars and may even be on the same production line . Stick a 3er touring down the line, keep the normal grill, whack the i4 drivetrain in it and I'll buy it.

  16. It'll be Karen won't it? It feels like they're building her profile this series by showing her to be nasty (or 'hard nosed' and 'business-y')

  17. And the people that really get missed in the narrative (not unique to this situation) are the less well off, younger generations, who were absolutely flattened by the regulations that the Tories just ignored anyway.

  18. The less well off younger generation who, quite often, broke their back working in logistics, retail or care, willingly taking on shifts for their older colleagues who were at greater risk from covid to keep the country functioning, lets not forget.

  19. "This woman can't afford a lightbulb because of how you managed the economy" - Kay

  20. Good news is that Nicky's energy bill is no doubt being helped by not having a functioning light bulb.

  21. I think that's where it's coming from - the pressure. If you accept that Lewis ran experimental set ups for the first half of 2022 (which I'm not entirely sure is 100% true, but lets take it), George still outscored him from Hungry until Brazil (107 to 94), not including the DNF in Abu Dhabi.

  22. Russell is the admin in that group, I guess if Fernando wasn't banned before, he is now.

  23. I dunno, I reckon George loves this and it’s partly why Fernando has done it.

  24. Is he making a little v shape with his hands? That’s cute.

  25. I am confused about how this 'free childcare' is being funded - who determines what the nurseries get paid for the 'free' children-hours?

  26. With the current free child care many nurseries charge extra for meals and activities. The reality is they won't accept a child who doesn't pay the supplement..

  27. I really don't get this. Since they took over from Virgin they have utterly failed to deliver..anything really. For example, I can't book a train to go to London a week Thursday because...l don't know. It's pretty common with Avanti. So at the moment I have no idea if there will be trains at all, let alone what time or how much - so I'm now driving from North Wales to London.

  28. I think Merc will out develop Aston this season. I can't see Aston still having a 0.4s advantage by Brazil.

  29. I'm not so sure. The Aston is pretty under developed - things like the floor edges have nowhere near the detail of other cars so I think there are a lot of headroom. I think they even made a bit of a leap this weekend compare to Bahrain with the slight tweaks they made to the wings.

  30. George struggling to not laugh then regaining his composure is brilliant.

  31. RB has been consistent with asking their drivers to drive to a delta in both the races.. they asked Max to do that at Baharin, he checked if Perez is doing the same. They asked Perez to maintain the delta yesterday, he checked if Max is doing the same. Where's the drama?!

  32. I reckon red bull might be doing a bit of a 2014 merc and trying to mask their pace a bit incase the FIA nerf them.

  33. By definition of the rule, Aston fucked up right? Penalty is fair and Alonso shouldn’t be on the podium.

  34. Rule is you can’t work on the car. Plenty of teams have positioned jacks and not lifted the car in previous penalties and not faced punishment.

  35. Hahah “the teams agreed that touching the car constitutes working on it”

  36. Looking at the regs there was no other option. Crazy they penalised in the first place.

  37. Feels like this actually clarifies a lot.

  38. What is touching in this context? Aston could well argue that no mechanics touched the car.

  39. I think this is getting overturned. Too many recent examples of the jack touching the car and going unpunished (Max & Lewis).

  40. "Usually it's a 50/50 call on strategy.. usually I choose the faster strategy, his is the slower strategy."

  41. It was a rare lapse of judgement from Lewis who is normally very level headed in these situations - even after Abu Dhabi. But i think that’s how all these drivers think deep down - they have to believe their own hype. How would Lewis still get in the car if he genuinely felt that George was faster? And George is obviously going to think the same.

  42. I don't understand why he stopped chasing George at the start of his medium stint

  43. Funny George sees it as bull like the majority of people. He’s awkward but kinda likeable.

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