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Can't stop seeing stars

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. i had similar issue, call housing department, they resolved it quickly

  2. S33 as it has a 2.5gig output port.. for a router with a 2.5 input...

  3. bought s33, bought cat 6 cable 25 fr, but little led at the connector shines amber :(

  4. That might be ok... dont have one but simple faq check.. if your router only has a 1gigabit wan port;

  5. Is your moonroof leaking from above? I’m getting water coming from somewhere on the floor

  6. i had something similar, it was oil from transfer case, it has hole on top and under some conditions it would spit out and burn

  7. I recently bought this 2014 sport with 170,000 miles. It had a couple of minor problems that I got fixed already (clogged sunroof drain, broken sunroof motor, missing ??? heat/defrost actuator) but I don’t know how well the regular maintenance has been done. I called my regular mechanic to ask about having a transmission fluid flush and he told me that mechanics don’t do that anymore because it can damage the engine. He recommended draining and refilling only. What say you Explorer experts?

  8. i did flush but with 132k, 2015 sport. purchased recently just like yours

  9. i have netgear nighthawk, when i go to i get tp-link login.. i dont have any and after few tries it logs in. weird

  10. I’ll look into painting. Never heard. I’m pretty sure my tires would fit the wheels I’m looking at. So it’d be like 1300$

  11. painted with DipYour Car, looked great, got lots of compliments lol didnt cost much

  12. i paid 130 for dorman fob with programmer but looks like they dont have for 2020 :(

  13. Yessir! This was a gloss white wrap that we used a plotter to cut a design I made for it out. My installers deserve the credit, I manage the shop!

  14. uhh.. how durable it is, like if it gets scratched? how long does it last?

  15. motorcyclists could've pass on left.. but then he wouldn't get so many impressions

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