1. Cheat with him on day 29, choose the money and talk to him first at the after party 🫠

  2. Having played a different visual novel game just last Friday where my MC got, pardon my French, absolutely railed in what wasn't even a finale, this is like... what? "Your mind goes whoosh"? Get outta here.

  3. I think Sus, Finn and Alfie haven't the tool. I didn't even know he was inside.

  4. I adore shitposting with the girlies, but there’s absolutely no way I can go through this level of disappointment all over again in season 6 🥴

  5. Her definition of a non traditional marriage was “working out, looking good for her man, and vacationing in Cabo on the weekends”

  6. So......how are we feeling today Suresh fans?? I think I'm hopping out of this clown car and fully onto the Finn train tbh

  7. I’m almost there with you, babes. Can’t BELIVE he didn’t defend us or even use the snog, marry, pie to flirt with us. I like Gabi, but kissing the girl you cheated on us with right in front of our face? You’re supposed to be obsessed with MC dude, what gives?!

  8. You mean to tell me I can’t throw a drink in Nicholas’s face? Can’t push Meera the Crimson Chin into the pool? Can’t even verbally eviscerate them after that bullshit?!

  9. Nicholas, sweetie, you had a one-way ticket to the villa… until you chose KAT for the challenge, then MC after she rejected you. It’s honestly fucking hilarious how every single LI is walking garbage 😂

  10. I thought Nicolas picking Kat was sweet tbh, she was obvs down about Finn and he boosted her confidence a bit

  11. Awww, this is a wholesome perspective 🥹 a bit tone deaf on FB’s part though, with MC being the villa punching bag this season lol

  12. I honestly just love the idea of him and my MC being equally as toxic as each other and having this explosive, chaotic relationship lmaooooo I’ll do him dirty every chance they give me and he’ll love to hate it 🖤

  13. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT HER COMMENT ABOUT THE PLACEMENT OF THE TURTLE TATTOO? I wanted to kill her one second after she said that.

  14. It was SO unprovoked and unexpected! And we couldn’t even say anything to her about it 😤

  15. She’s never going to stop at all, Arlo is bitter and intimidated by MC/maybe into her but doesn’t want follow the bandwagon. She talks about Kat but the minute Gabi comes in, she immediately ask “are you here to ruin my relationship/couple with Suresh?” And I’m like 🤨 didn’t you say you wanted Pete?!

  16. You’re absolutely right. Cinnamon roll head is a walking contradiction and I’m so tired 😪

  17. Wait can someone who responded yes please explain why?

  18. Fusebox, please stop teasing me with Kat. First we get to kiss her in that one challenge, then she slurped on my big toe, now we’re acting out a sex scene? I WANT HER CRAZY, INFURIATING ASS 🫤

  19. If it comes out that she started that drama because she was jealous and wanted us but didn’t know how to admit it (and this won’t happen) then I’m down hard.

  20. One small detail I really enjoy about this season is Finn pointing out MC’s specific eye color when he compliments her eyes. It’s happened twice now (in gem scenes I believe) and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone else has done this previously? He’s an all around slutty whore but so am I; I’m living for the attention and opportunity to get my lick back on Ms. Kat 😌

  21. Yaaaassss, Fusebox, keep giving us absolutely NOTHING week after week 😍

  22. It’s been 84 years since I’ve had a single chat alone with Suresh. Lord, I’m TIRED 😴

  23. No FACTS! Desperate for a dramatic argument in front of everyone before sneaking off to the hideaway 💔

  24. Noah deserves a better route, that isn’t sneaky by default and doesn’t antagonize and vilify Hope

  25. Nah Alfie, I saw how good you are with your hands. Don’t come crawling back home because Finn stole your girl 🥱

  26. Still in shock that y'all voted out Bobby at 48 😔

  27. Steven universe was the absolute best!! I cried so many times watching that show. It's so sweet and sensitive.. I even got my younger brother to watch it with me!!

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