1. I'm confused, how do you get this fight? As in this specific Cocolia boss fight?

  2. If this is what happened when someone says “melk” instead of “milk”,I can’t imagine the things that the people who use “you’re” and “your” mistakingly have to face.

  3. A gold trophy by Karna. What's wrong with it you might ask? Well anyone who has Karna (lancer) would know he gives you ear rings made out of his armor. His Santa self gives you a trophy made of the same thing!

  4. was dynamite really that significant in the creation of guns/bombs? always felt like fireworks were more significant in that development

  5. I personally think that Nobel is very fit to possess the skill “Innocent Monster”.You see,Nobel originally created dynamite for useful applications for life (fishing, breaking mountains, digging canals ...). However, due to the context that it was a time of war, dynamite was immediately applied as a weapon to deal damage.Because of that,people accused him as someone who use war to make fortune.He was even accused of betraying France for selling Ballistite-one of the types of Nitroglycerin for Italy.

  6. And his Innocent Monster's effect would have him a special Golden Rule-like ability whenever there's war then?

  7. I mean,it does make sense since the use of dynamites in war made Nobel a millionaire with a fortune of more than 500 million dollars.

  8. For some reasons,I got 2 copies of Acher Emiya from the Standard banner,and another 2 from Summer 5 banner.

  9. 1.Muscular Male 2.You can still clear endgame challenges with a completely F2P team 3.Welfare and 1-3* Servants

  10. Hello, monster fan here to talk about monsters!

  11. Yup! Goblins (or Goblyns if you prefer) in Ye Olde Dayes of Englande were bad faeries. They're the ones that wanted to curdle your milk, give men menstrual camps, steal your farming tools, or just rip your heart out and dip their hats in your blood.

  12. So basically,good faeries are Merlin while the bad ones are just your average LB6 citizen.

  13. North and South Vietnam lost over 2 million people in total

  14. Most of them were innocent civilians,you know? Even most of the casualties of the soldiers were not even caused by being killed by US soldiers,but rather the harsh environment like high temperature and poisonous insects.

  15. I guess that I am also a part of a small portion of the fandom that actually level up and use Columbus.

  16. Salieri. The only silver Avenger (I think) with an awesome concept and the highest attack Stat of any 3 star. His animations are cool, his kit is interesting, and he pairs so well with double castoria.

  17. Morgan,like,what the hell?Her design,her personality,her fighting style fits more of a Caster,and yet,she is summoned as a Berserker.Even Arjuna Alter,who is also calm and collcted most of the time still shows his berserkery when facing Karna,like Penthselea meets Achilles.

  18. There was a fanfic that focuses on the sole surviving janitor. Poor dude, was dead inside from the beginning.

  19. Woman steals ancient artifacts,threatens the local’s lives,kills government officals and awaken the dark forces from the past.

  20. So not feeling sad about the person you loved who is on the verge of death is a sign of a strong person?No,it’s not.It just means you are a lunatic that lacks basic human emotions.

  21. Lan Ling:He has a Atk buff,a guranteed AOE Arts buff,a stargen buff and a crit boost that based on RNG.His second skill is a targetable NP charge that also increases buff success rate.His Np decreases the enemy’s crit dmg and draw one tick of Np,while increase Atk and Dmg cut for the whole team.Since the Atk buff is based on Overcharge,I always use him with Kiara double overcharge CE.I still remember vividly the excitement when I first achieved 1 million damage using him with Merlin and Gilgamesh.As a jack of all trades,I always use him in big damage team,no matter if it is Buster or Quick.

  22. Another Servant that I want to mention is Santa Nightingale:Her first skill removes the enemies’s latest buff,removes all allies’s latest debuff and a 3000 heal.Her 2nd skill is a targetable guts that also increase buff removal immunity and Np Dmg.For me,this is the best part of her kit as Buff removing is a gimmick that you will meet a lot in later fights,especially CQ and Story bossfight.It also gives a guts to ensure an ally’s survivability and NP Dmg buff.Her 3rd skill increases all allies’s Atk and Crit Dmg.She is a very strong support as she provides healing,utility,Crit Dmg,NP dmg and survivability.She is a perfect match for Billy,as she share the same class with him,which makes her to deals some damage to the enemies.She also increases his offensive ability with Atk,NP dmg and Crit boost.She can also solves Billy’s problem about not having stars with her 5-hit AoE Quick NP and a Quick deck.

  23. I vaguely remember a doujin where Morgan used this logic like this.

  24. This is the type of woman who will treat her spouse like shit and then when they divorce,she will saying things like:”Men are trash” (This comment is not aim to all women out there but only a minority of them.We should respect women doesn’t meean all women deserved to be respected.)

  25. Because people have different tastes.Why do you expected everyone to like the same thing with you?

  26. It does make you question if the show is actually good or not. Taste or not people say shows suck for a reason.

  27. There are two types of haters:The one that have genunine reasons why they don’t love the show but still respect your opinions because they fully know that people love different things and the second is the toxic ones who will always say the show sucks compare to their favorite one and will go to every media to say things like:”tHis aNiMe Is baD” to emphasize with everyone that their show is superior.Since the most toxic are also the most active on internet,people will always see their posts first,leaving a bad view about the show for newcomers.

  28. Ereshkigal: "E-eh?? M-master, you're wounded! Oh god, oh god! What should I do!? What should I do!?" slaps her own cheeks. "Hold yourself, together, Ereshkigal! You are a goddess! But if Master end dying...I could end having his soul..." Whispers "What the hell I'm thinking!? Focus, Ereshkigal! Treating Master! Treating Master! Master, please, come here! I will do something about your wounds!"

  29. For some reasons,when I read Jalter’s line,my mind immediately think:”People died when they are killed.”

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