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  1. What you’re experiencing is littermate syndrome. Essentially, the two dogs have become so bonded that they don’t recognise you as an authority figure.

  2. The trainers I’ve talked with have told me this, but the dogs are already 6 years old and have been together for 6 years already. The behavior of possessiveness in one of the dogs just recently started

  3. Have they not offered any alternatives? I’m not qualified to offer advice on this, but I know what you mean that they are your life. After such a long time, I would have thought they’d have been ok. I’ve had experience with pups but not adult dogs exhibiting this behaviour.

  4. Ah I see, that’s really high! I suppose I was surprised because we have a 6 ft fence but he’s never jumped or has tried to jump over it.

  5. A shepherd will do a 6ft fence easy if it wants to. When I was a kid I was lucky to do my work experience with the police dog unit and saw them do 7ft at least.

  6. Haha! Look after 7 and you’ll change your mind. I used to call them ‘21 shits a day’ 😂

  7. The tune was Avril 14th by Aphex Twin on the tune ID for any music lovers.

  8. I would recommend some good quality chew toys - deer antlers or the wooden ones - forget the name. Teething can be stressful for the dog.

  9. Lucky I am a hunter and have collected shed antlers for years, so they are in vast supply at my house! I work from home on no fixed schedule and live a quite active lifestyle. So I’m excited to have a dog that can hopefully work with my lifestyle

  10. What do you hunt? Rabbits is our game. Though, the whippets and lurchers have had a few deers before.

  11. There is NOTHING Funny About the terror this dog is feeling.

  12. I agree with you. Don’t know why you’re being downvoted. Hur dur let’s terrify a dog and post it for internet points. What a fucking dick.

  13. Because you’re interacting with it. Hide the content or ignore it and the algorithm will change.

  14. It’s possible, but since COVID a few places like restaurants etc will only take card. Shops you’ll generally be fine with cash.

  15. Ah yes, that's exactly what it was! You, an internet stranger, know my motives so much better than I do. How silly of me not to think you'd see straight through my explanation! I obviously care so much about what people on Reddit think of me that I'm happy to insult and demean the person I love to save "my ego". And you definitely know more about what would offend my guy more than someone who's known him for almost 20 years!

  16. You raise a very valid point there! Just winds me up how judgemental some people can be 🙄

  17. Yeh, it’s all faux outrage and I reckon people get a lil dopamine hit being judgement online.

  18. I see plenty of youngsters having an amazing time. The phone thing you just have to get past as it's a generational thing. I occasionally get mine out at a rave too tbh. I recorded a bit of Bicep last year because my girlfriend got COVID and couldn't make it so I wanted to show her how amazing it was.

  19. It’s a fair point. Most of the clubs I’ve been to for proper nights people don’t generally bother. WHO is almost a tourist attraction now. Sacha Lord is more interested in politics so I can see it going further down hill.

  20. Haha I love the bandanas - is Pip not part of the bandana crew? Too cool. 😂

  21. Shes a bad tempered old lady and none of us dare to try and put one on her , typical jack Russell 🤣🤣

  22. Yep had a parson terrier once - our whips and lurchers work with terriers - force to be reckoned with.

  23. Imagine allowing your dog get to the point that you need to do this before they will eat. My dog eats dry dog food out of a bowl that I only have to fill about twice a week. We do occasionally give him small bites of our food.

  24. Feeding your dog whatever you eat is a good way to poison your dog.

  25. Lol, the dogs are fed on raw (beef, lamb, and other meat), appropriate veg and fish. I’m not feeding them stroganoff meals. 🤦‍♂️

  26. It really does. She’s come a long way. She used to have the zoomiez every time it came time for her to run but once we figured out how to keep her focus she was unstoppable.

  27. Yeh, I love watching them run. I think our pup is a bit too big for the agility, however, he is very quick!

  28. DS9 is a gourmet meal in a world of McDonalds. It takes a sophisticated pallet to appreciate. It also ages like a fine wine. I’d venture to say it has aged far better than any other series in the franchise.

  29. I like this comment because it makes me feel like I have a sophisticated palette.

  30. Bah, as a grumpy ex-promoter of 7 years across clubs in the UK and festivals - these posts really grind my gears.

  31. “Well I suppose you thought that was terribly clever”

  32. Bit before my time that but would have loved to see mickey Finn and that play there

  33. People just use the subreddit for any vids really - not really in keeping with the name

  34. And today, I discovered, when our kitchen flooded, that the guys who re-did our flat roof last year, did a really shitty job of the flashing and all the render is cracked.

  35. Probs worth letting them know - might come sure up the job! Our boiler broke so cold showers until tomorrow lol

  36. Can’t be good for the dog? Surely that stone is boiling. I live in England and our dogs were struggling over the hot weather we’ve had. Spose your dog will be a bit more acclimated to the Temps

  37. We have a special coating called “cool decking”. Allows us to walk to the pool barefoot. A must have in the desert! When Marcus gets hot he jumps in the pool. Then lays out again.

  38. Sorry I realised my comment was quite blunt haha I suspected you wouldn’t be letting your dog turn into a well done steak 🥩 😂 was curious on the acclimation part ! A friend of mine lives in Arizona and she often makes it sound like it’s on fire most of the time haha!

  39. I like the top left, but gotta love the TNG Klingons. Discovery ones are just ridiculous.

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