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  1. I had extremely bad chest pains and ended up having to call 911, and my girl sat and stared at me the whole time and would scoot close and like my hands that I had against my forehead. This started about three months ago, and now whenever I need to sit and catch my breath or get the pain to stop she always does this

  2. Omfg, shes SO CUTE! She’s almost Caspers twin❤️

  3. This was in Arizona last night. The fact they played a bunch of their old songs fuckin made my whole year.

  4. Man, is there ANYTHING in space that DOESNT trigger my anxiety?! Im guessing No.

  5. My stupid ass thought that window was a doggy door

  6. I was there last night. I learned that the mixture of not eating enough + weed + being way too hot = loss of consciousness. It was pretty horrible to feel the blackness creep in. The increasing inability to stay in control until I just went blank.

  7. Pretttty sure I saw this happening from the stage! hope u are okay. I was struggling and I wasnt even on the floor. They need better circulation in that spot for sure

  8. Stop squeezing random toads, they are not your wife's tits..

  9. Can confirm. Ive squeezed his wifes titts.

  10. Dude this song and green jelly “Three little pigs.” was my jam growing up

  11. Does anyone know how we can check up on the status of the payments?

  12. It's your own fault for putting that cheese out and leaving the room. He's a cutie!!!

  13. I literally went from the fridge to the sink and back to the fridge and it was gone. They’re literally 2ft from each other lol

  14. is he upset because you are mad at him or does he already regret eating all the cheese

  15. The instant he thinks im upset with him he immediately goes baby mode like this cause he knows im a sucker and will cave in. EVERY.DAMN.TIME.

  16. You guys look great! But I feel like neither of you could possibly be old enough to have worn JNCOs in their heyday. If you are, then I would like to know the anti aging secret

  17. Its all about the camera angle. Sadly im turning 40 this year but thank u for the compliment 🖤

  18. Age checks out. My little brother and his buddies loved those jeans. You guys gotta get a pic of your back pockets stuffed with 40’s.

  19. I have a Doggo too! They are the best of doge

  20. I have a black pitbull named Moony who looks, acts, etc like this. I’m out of town right now, so this makes me happy to see. I have this crazy plan to adopt a dog exactly like this as her sibling named Sunny. I love your pup!

  21. Look for Doggo Argentinos and u wont be sorry. Hes the best dog ive ever had

  22. People who do this sick shit, should be on a list to never , ever have an animal!!’ Animals are the closest things to angels, here on earth.

  23. My boys do the same shit… The Gentle viciousness always gets me. Theyre the cutest

  24. Casper on the left (9months) Ozzy on the right (6 months)

  25. Came to say the same thing! My Casper even sits like this too lol

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