1. Did you know that the Tea Party was a response to a lowering of taxes? Not a raising?

  2. Did you know that "taxes without representation" became a rallying call 10 years before the Tea Party during the

  3. I did. I am not arguing that taxation without representation was an issue that was very important to a lot of colonists. I am not arguing that it was a small reason.

  4. And he looks like he could’ve been a cop right??

  5. But I thought we were all leaving twitter because Elon made it garbage, or is this one of those times where the account we made to "watch the dumpster fire" is okay to use?

  6. Cable started off as being commercial free, that's why you paid for it. Then the ads started creeping in, and people accepted it. No difference here. Until the fans turn off the game, this will continue to happen.

  7. Reddit has a bunch of power mods that are very likely paid to moderate certain ways.

  8. Freddy, for you, 107 all in, plus a case of champagne to go with your leftover turkey!

  9. Scent of a Woman. That's where this screencap is from. I think Roger actually mentions it before they go to the dealership.

  10. Dude I literally had to Google what that is and i'm kinda shocked. Our society is insane hahahah

  11. It's pretty obvious I am going to miss my date tonight. We recently started having sex, so that would have been fun.

  12. I’ll never get over how they initially arrested him. Dude built a fucking escape tunnel from his house, only to get his fatass stuck on the other end of it.

  13. Totally agree, but the scary thing? This guy is a trained lawyer. He's well educated.

  14. If we were in a civilized country I'd agree with you. But here in the United States it's an extremely complex problem.

  15. We are saying the same thing, I think. The problem is that any chucklefuck can get a gun in 10 days time, in the worst case scenario. This problem is easy to define, observe, and solve. The solution is complex because our system empowers knuckle dragging idiots with outsized power.

  16. I'm in COMMIEfornia, and was only allowed to bring one home every 10 days! Tyranny! Tyranny!

  17. The accelerator was not designed to get stuck. The stuck accelerator did prevent it from working.

  18. The accelerator is designed to propel the car. Funny that y'all never have an answer.

  19. It wasn't designed to propel it in an uncontrolled fashion. That'd be like saying "the trigger got stuck and the semiautomatic rifle kept shooting!" That would be a failure. A dangerous one, too. Same as your analogy. Still a failure.

  20. Why you say "she's a piece of shit but..." you're rehabilitating her. The message is "she's a piece of shit." Period. Full stop.

  21. Studies have shown for many years that there are a lot of Americans who agree with public policies typically considered progressive but vote republican. There are many reasons for this but republican disinformation about democrats is a primary reason

  22. Kinda hard to sell anyone a fish when the other fish monger in town is spending lies about the freshness of your product.

  23. No, it's because they don't want any of 'those' people to get anything. And 'those people' is abroad and expanding category. 😢

  24. "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." - LBJ

  25. I would say 2 minutes of my time is not worth anything and is worthless imo and it’s a frivolous money grab. Would opt to buy Kraft in the future if it was bothersome to me , not hire an attorney

  26. Secret Santas cheese me off. Since when is Santa secret? The jolly fat man comes down the chimney every year on the same day! He's not a secret, he's obvious!

  27. Even if you got the mansion for free, the monthly maintenance costs are more than a lot of people pay in rent.

  28. I find it so interesting that Jon Hamm was okay with using his name and likeness for this joke.

  29. It was more of the subject of the joke. I love Hamm in comedic roles, he’s amazing on Comedy Bang Bang and other shows.

  30. If the founding fathers were alive today what do you think their modern opinion on guns would be?

  31. The same opinion they had when they wrote the 2A: will poor people having guns keep their economic interests safe?

  32. Snopes has put that story into doubt.

  33. My question is… did Elon truly not understand any of this? That these successful social media apps are moderated to keep the advertisers and app stores happy!?

  34. That somebody is gonna get shot and end up in the next issue of American Rifleman in the Armed Citizen column

  35. Considering police have no duty to protect in this country and many agencies are rife with ineptitude if not outright abuse, expecting me to give them full monopoly on arms in public and to outsource my defence to them sounds like the opposite of common sense

  36. That's the whole point of the takeover, to limit Twitter's effectiveness is sharing information during potential windows of change.

  37. It's a lot easier to tell a retail worker "your job sucks, sorry" than it is actually try and make their lives better.

  38. You don’t think being a polite and patient customer makes their job/life better?

  39. I'm sure they appreciate you being sweeter than a glass of granny's sweet tea when you tell them their job sucks on black friday.

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