1. The LS10 is a great option for pristine sound and low noise (important for sampling very quiet material) but there’s also a pile of other inexpensive hand-held recorders that are popular for use that are more recent if modern features > sound quality for you. Zoom H1n is currently in production as is Tascam DR05x.

  2. Thank you so much. I just googled your recommendations and the Tascam DR05x looks perfect. I’ll do a bit more research, but I greatly appreciate it!

  3. hey I'm curious but a lazy peice of shit. What'd you learn?

  4. The documentary is essentially arguing that nicotine, as a chemical itself, isn’t bad. Just because a substance is addictive doesn’t mean it doesn’t have useful properties. The other chemicals in cigarettes and vapes are what hurt you, but nicotine itself isn’t really a harmful chemical and is demonized because it’s addictive. There are plenty of helpful medications that are addictive. Essentially: The medicinal properties of nicotine should be explored more, and it doesn’t make sense to demonize nicotine because the means of nicotine intake are what cause the damage.

  5. Do you need two flowering plants to get seeds? When do they flower?

  6. If it’s growing indoors, it seems as though it will flower whenever it so pleases. I can’t seem to find a direct answer as to how to pollinate the little guy, but I’m planning on putting it outside during the summer and hoping for the best.

  7. Congrats! Getting one to flower indoors is pretty hard I've heard, hope mine manages to push some flowers next summer. How big is your pot?

  8. Just this evening I repotted it, upgrading it from a 12 inch pot to a 15 inch pot. It was fun, I had to carefully break apart the terra-cotta pot it was in, which I then reused as drainage at the bottom of the pot.

  9. I’m guessing this is a college dorm (if it is good luck moving your hbwr) also these things can live for a veryyyyy long time

  10. Oh man, I know! I've had it for over two years now. Last summer and this year it took off in terms of growth. Winter break is coming up, and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I will keep the little homie safe though.

  11. How many times a year it flowers indoors?

  12. So, really exciting news, as I write this, the first flower is flowering! I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Since this is the first time it has flowered, I can’t give you a great answer. However, after a year and a half it has flowered. If you’re interested in growing it, it really isn’t too hard. Plenty of soil, plenty of water, and a large pot is all you need!

  13. Just an update in case anyone else is having this problem, I found a workaround but it's not a solution. I was making a video collage of my photos, essentially, which are very high quality. Too high quality, in fact. I turned down the resolution the video rendered to and it was able to finish rendering.

  14. I still use the 50g. Such a good calculator. I really want a 48gx but they are sooo expensive.

  15. Oh sick really? Where'd you get em for that low?

  16. Just got mine for even cheaper from ebay, whole 50 euros :D Second hand tho, but in a pristine, like new conditions

  17. Nice find man! Have you used them yet, how are they?

  18. I think you would have more luck asking in

  19. I crossposted this over there and got an immediate down vote and got scared lol but you’re totally right, I’ll put the post back up. Thank you!

  20. I like the way that a heavy pen feels aesthetically, but to write for a long time, I think a light pen is better. I don’t want something small nor big, I want it to comfortably fit in my hand. I think a softer grip would be better for me. I always end up gripping really hard, so I think a softer//squishier grip would be better :)

  21. How important is a soft grip? In Germany fountain pens are used by school children, so german brands have versions with soft, triangular grips. Usually in bright and very light plastic, too light for some. And not the most exciting nibs, sometimes just the beginners “A” nib, which isn’t meant to give any line variation. Lamy Nexx (less childish than the rest listed below) has been mentioned, and other brands have some too: Faber Castell (like the Scribolino), Stabilo, Pelikan (Pelikano Jr, Twist). But these pens are really for children, the Lamy ABC even has a grip too small for a mans hands. They are amongst the cheaper ones and they often gush ink. But if you don’t care about that, you could start searching for children/school/right handed fountain pen on Amazon.

  22. Man, I have gotten so many incredible recommendations! Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. It’s really cool that German school students use fountain pens, I had no idea! I ended up purchasing the Lamy Nexx :)

  23. Well, as I mentioned, Syntorial for the basics. FM synthesis as well, though you can probably do most with 4-op machines already. Then more obscure things like Photosounder or Metasynth. Reaktor would help as a primer for the generative stuff; lots of existing ensembles you can pick apart.

  24. I know this was three years ago, but your answers are so helpful and patient. Users like you make Reddit a great place.

  25. Are you wanting to dualboot? If so then the installer gives the option to install alongside and that should've been all. If you are wanting only endeavour then i would say delete all partitions and create it as new then format into ext4 and install away :)

  26. I’m not necessarily trying to dual boot—I’d be totally cool deleting Windows. I am, however, trying to save all the other data (files and all) on the drive because I am nervous about losing something if I totally wipe it. Nonetheless, I think my solution lies in installing Endeavour again, but this time the proper way.

  27. You change the boot order in the bios and if it does not appear either create the entry or reset the bios.

  28. Thank you! For some reason my computer is not recognizing the partition as a viable thing to boot from. Honestly I have no idea what I’m doing, but thank you for the article! Hopefully I’ll figure it out…

  29. Not quite, although under similar artists I found Margo Guryan which is who I was looking for! Thanks so much :)

  30. Bruh I am wearing those exact same pants

  31. It’s not a Kramer. Pretty sure it’s a Kay.

  32. Damn I am stupid 😐 thank you so much.

  33. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosemary_Kennedy

  34. Bruh I just read that Shit and have become so sad. Imagine being depressed, getting a fucking lobotomy which renders you unable to function normally ever again, and then being hidden away from your family for years.

  35. LSA makes me feel a lot like myself. LSD confused the fuck out of me, mushrooms made me feel like a genius, LSA made me feel like me. It feels very spiritual. My last trip I confronted my sexuality in a very peculiar way. I had a sort of mental orgasm and it revealed a lot about myself. LSA always gives me answers, and it always does so kindly. Much more spiritual and much less confusing than LSD.

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