I have an entire brick of North Korean money

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  1. I know I’m probably dating myself but I sure do miss the urban Tulsa

  2. Stop being a hoe and make the guy wait for sex. If a guy has to wait to have sex he’s more likely to respect her no matter what her body count is

  3. I'm a fan of Artisan for sure but I'm on the fence about this one. For me it's a little too sci-fi and I don't understand the point of the ring opening.

  4. This is my first one In my ever-growing collection of knives. I have really enjoyed carrying this knife today. The knife itself is very well-made.

  5. Snort another line off her ass And it will counteract it!

  6. Southside auctions or Brandon‘s auctions. Should have whatever you need

  7. Southside auctions or Brandon‘s auctions. Should have whatever you need.

  8. I’d really love these can’t except for the vanilla I journaling throw those out

  9. Also parents could see the way their children act in the classroom. That’s a great way to bring back proper manners and ensure good education

  10. Sounds like certain people on the management team from my former job! They kept failing up!

  11. I worked in a Pizza Hut in the 90s exactly like this one. Funnest job I ever had hands-down. I still have really good friends that I’ve met working there.

  12. A total band on abortion is something I do not support. I do however support abortion with limits. Such as up to six months. Or in case of rape or if the child is going to be extremely diss formed and be a burden to the parents and society

  13. This is how you hand the Democrats 1 million votes

  14. I had one almost exactly like that the lock broke and I damn near cut off my finger! My suggestion to you is Re-bury that P.O.S

  15. He is a cancer to any team that he goes on! For the love of God do not bring him on the Raiders! Go let him be a cancer to another team!!!

  16. It's not personal opinion it's objective fact but people like you want to live in this fantasy land that the world has made for you. Read a book.

  17. Also didn’t win the argument I just got tired of talking to you!

  18. There was never an argument. You didn't argue my point. You said something that's factually incorrect then said "we're done here". Nice job buddy.

  19. Yes you’re right! Elizabeth Warren does not live up to your dumb standards of being Extreme far left liberal progressive enough like you are! You are the champion a far left morals. All hail the king of socialism! Mr no one can have a different opinion other than mine! I swear your kind is just as bad as the far right zealots! Now please go bother someone else with your Idiocracy!

  20. I feel like Elon musk is mostly correct with how far the left has gone but both sides have drifted further away from the center although the right has gone not quite as far as the left has gone.

  21. I’m gonna have to say Howie Long, Bo Jackson!

  22. I know I personally unsubscribed in The beginning of March because they raised their prices to $19.99 A month

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