1. Damn, doc said it was a broken clavicle, and Pico's corner was whipping that arm like a jump rope after the round.

  2. It is, i think bellator give like a 44.7% plus split if not more, the ufc is on a 18%-20

  3. And the top stars of ufc make 10 or 20x what these guys did

  4. Dom vs TJ was also a VERY close one too. Legitimately had no idea who won that one when the final bell rung. Also, it's a great fight to rewatch to just bask in the skill of the combatants.

  5. Yup that fight was a good one. Pretty much every round was a toss up to me as a viewer

  6. All because he did well against a couple regional level scrubs. Hate this bandwagon shit so much. Nobody gave a fuck about this guy a month ago now he's everyone's favorite fighter who's gonna be champ next year

  7. Not in my feelings at all, just missed the sarcasm I guess.

  8. I did too because lately it seems like it could be a real authentic comment with no sarcasm.

  9. Judging off their comment history I don't think it's sarcasm unless they're

  10. Olivera fans are giving Mcgregors a run for their money.

  11. I hope not. While Izzy could argue that he is ready for another shot at LHW the LHW division is not ready. LHW needs to sort itself out first.

  12. 2nd this. Izzy kind of lucked out with his timing. A year or 2 earlier and he would have a harder time than he’s had. Prime Weidman, rockhold, Souza, mousassi, etc is just a different animal that what he’s dealing with right now.

  13. I feel like Rockhold is a easy matchup for Izzy. Rob, Romero, and Costa are all monsters too.

  14. Maybe but rockhold was good on his feet and had great wrestling. He wasn’t an easy fight for anyone a few years ago.

  15. I lived in dirt poor areas from birth until I was 18. My mom moved us from project to project - Newark, NYC, Chicago and a bunch of places in between

  16. How is this fucking downvoted, he quite literally is one of the least hit fighters in the division, and before you come at me he has fought decent strikers, you don't have to fight literal GOAT contenders to see if you're defensively good

  17. Because this sub is full of redacted fan bois who wack off to posters of olivera

  18. He’s actually not the defending champ because he missed weight.

  19. Or someone stuffs a few takedowns and we get to see his striking

  20. An average striker with the wrestling he has creates monsters. Look at khazmet as an example

  21. Khamzat has knockout power and better than average striking. Along with a good deal more experience (6 pro fights vs 3, along with an extra 3 amateur fights) and Khamzat fought better opponents like undefeated Sambo champion Ikram Aliskerov.

  22. Khazmet has average striking at best. Burns showed he gets hit a lot in a stand up fight and burns is an average striker.

  23. If you don’t get approved like that, wait a couple weeks and apply for emergency benefits claiming you are homeless but your mom lets you use her address and crash in emergencies.

  24. I jus said I payed 300 in rent and that’s it but like the shit was worded weird as far as me having a job which I do but they don’t pay me shit, but I think that’s the only thing they’ll ask me bout. They said they’ll handle my shit quick. If they call me jus say ? “ I rent from my moms and we at seperate meals” type shit ?

  25. Yes. Just say you were homeless for a bit and your moms let you move back in but is charging you rent and you can’t eat her food.

  26. I agree with you. I left years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  27. From personal experience I can attest this is 100% true. I was locked up for a misdemeanor for 3 months because I couldn’t bail out. I ended up getting probation and fines, and I was told by the pre trial officer “we didn’t expect you to not be able to pay the $10,000 in cash needed to bail out.” They expected me to bail out the next day.

  28. Maybe stop taking offense to shit that happens to other people who are t offended.

  29. Who the fuck said I took offense? It's an observation based on his phrasing.

  30. People downvoting you, but some idiot will report the comment and he will wish he did

  31. I called him a pussy and he called me a virgin jobber

  32. Yet Paddy one of the most recognizable guys in the ufc is showing up for 12-12. Turns out they aren’t making as much as Conor would like people to think.

  33. You need to stay in the loop. Paddy is very happy with his current deal.

  34. Why tell people you have a felony? Unless it’s something you have to be bonded or specially insured for 99% of jobs aren’t going to check.

  35. Lol Nate wouldn’t hesitate to hit DC with that Stockton slap

  36. Islam is nothing without the backing of khabib/his fan base… Charles has worked for and become everything he is on his own. I think I know who will be wearing the belt in October

  37. He’s nothing without dominating his opponents the way he does.

  38. I’d say it’s tough being a ufc fan when the judges suck and non household names get paid $10,000

  39. Yeah it’s touch when a fighter makes half a years salary for some people on 15 minutes

  40. Take it from someone whose older. Don’t waste fucking time. Find at least 1 thing that you like and makes your life better and do a lot of it.

  41. A lot of people don’t know what goes into cutting weight and the dangers it hold. He’ll move up to 135 after this and it should be easier for him to make weight

  42. Paying fighters enough money to buy their own shit is way more helpful than "putting them up in a home for a year." In the latter case, Dana has extra power over the dude by controlling his living situation. It could make him feel obligated to do stuff like publicly kiss Dana's ass so he doesn't end up out on the street.

  43. This guy wasn’t a UFC fighter when this happened really. He had just gotten a contract and hadn’t had his first fight.

  44. Ahhhh…. He has to fight to get paid. He had t fought his first fight when this happened.

  45. We are all going to hell according to my wife who demanded to see the comment that had me laughing

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