1. Kiedis is holding a guitar. Nothing about it is classic. It's cringey

  2. Josh and Anthony in this picture is the epitome of the Josh era. That’s what I’m saying lol there’s nothing cringey about it

  3. Val Kilmer played a good Bruce. For what it’s worth, Kevin Conroy felt like Affleck was the best of both. He said something along the lines of Affleck realized that Batman was the real person and Bruce was the mask that Batman hid behind

  4. Erin sucks. She's so immature and clueless. Her freaking out over Andy being engaged to Angela is so ridiculous every time

  5. My favorite is how she "doesn't get" how anyone could like Holly

  6. I was just watching Horrible Bosses 2 and thought Jason Bateman would be a good guest. I'm actually a bit surprised he hasn't been on yet.

  7. Not counting the new one cause it hasn't released, it would be Hardwired. It has a great mix of almost everything Metallica has ever done and it's a great album.

  8. Republicans and Democrats are both going to blast me in the ass.

  9. How do still argue he's the Scranton stranger? The guy tried to strangle him when he went to apologize!

  10. That time he groped Pam then jumped the fence to escape the awkward moment. It's not my favorite moment but I can't forget about it, even if I try....

  11. its like they made their own character loosely based off of joker and i don’t really like it. maybe that’s what they were going for, but its not for me. i just would like joker to be canon, and i don’t like that this movie isn’t. also if it isn’t canon to the dc universe id like for it to at least be to my liking, but it isn’t.

  12. OMG I love the scene where Michael knows more about China than Oscar and Kelly and Ryan start razzing Oscar about it. Kelly goes, I have a very smart question to ask, Oscar, can you move so I can ask Michael! And also, when they say, “actually” that was a very smart thing to be right about! Oscar being the actually guy and Kelly and Ryan using that was absolutely hilarious to me!

  13. They couldn't show too much, or they would've revealed that he's the Scranton Strangler.

  14. Early James Bond flicks (sorry Sean Connery), where the character would basically strong arm women into the sack behind a handsome and debonair smirk.


  16. Farley, Sandler, and Spade as the Gap girls. Sadly that’s not possible.

  17. i got my best friend a t-shirt with all of their dances on it for her bday lol

  18. Like any time someone tells me to listen to Violent Soho or some other such newer band.

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