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When laughter meets percussion

  1. "So people are performing a protest we arbitrarily declared illegal? We'll make their protest DOUBLE-illegal! That'll show them?" - The Australian Government, probably

  2. wonder how many will actually not know this is a sloped road and the camera tilted.

  3. Yeah it's quite obviously the inside of a parking structure, maybe a road tunnel.

  4. I can't stand the self-checkout. Too much faffing around if you have more than a small amount of items.

  5. idk im prob misread it but i remember him running to find her and finding her at the hole crying. idk why i remember like that so vividly

  6. That happens midway through the manga so I doubt that's the case. If you read it on Imgur, maybe the rest of it didn't load properly so you only read as far as that.

  7. It looks like this actually has some semblance of a sensible button layout.

  8. That's why you don't buy Apple products. Shit durability and insanely expensive to repair. Also the shit value for RAM and storage.

  9. To be fair you have a point, PC laptops seem more durable, given how many I've dropped that still work afterwards.

  10. Top Gun is not about patriotism. Did you even watch the movie?

  11. Turns out it was the daughter of the owner who made the sign. She is claiming she always makes funny signs about food so it's totally not racist.

  12. Isn't it the owner's job to... I don't know.... Veto what your employees do?

  13. I mean it would have literally cost them nothing to say "Closed on Juneteenth" and left it at that. No Trumping or racist stereotypes needed.

  14. Not surprised at all. He's 62 and I dare say has no assets and no permanent home. He wants to stay in jail.

  15. I'm not sure what I'm more worried about, a constant repeat offender who keeps getting let out or the fact that 48 hours after he's out he able to find child porn.

  16. I thought one of the conditions of release would be not being allowed to have a device that can access the internet.

  17. Gonna change for a involuntary Celibate to an involuntary Incelibate.

  18. I mean it's not like the protesters can selectively block only managers, executives and government ministers is it?

  19. OK this person's Post 10 obsession is starting to get out of control.

  20. For anyone who is interested (Don’t know why you would be) This is at Curtin University in Perth Australia.

  21. Yes and they used this photo in one of their promotional emails.

  22. Fun fact: this is at a university in Western Australia, and they used this photo in one of their promotional emails.

  23. Did they get their inspiration for the points system from the CCP or because of Nosedive? Because this has a strong whiff of "social credit system" to it.

  24. I just remembered a radio jingle that used to advertise those

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