Nissan Maxima vs Porsche 911 Turbo | In 2013

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  1. How did your agent do that? Didn't you have a contract with a closing date? At that point it is in the lawyer's hands, isn't it?

  2. I told him I wanted a specific property and to put together an offer. He waited several days to do so, and then I missed my lock in date.

  3. Waiting to get an offer "put together" is indeed very strange. When I have told realtors I want to make an offer on a house:

  4. Yeah he just said that once the offer went in we wouldn’t have enough time to do the paperwork to make the final date of execution. All papers signed and what not. So I guess the lawyers didn’t have the time needed to do it either?

  5. I may have to get a Costco membership and eat exclusively Costco hotdogs every day to survive, the way things are going lo

  6. I hate them. Totally covering my backyard. Fuckers


  8. 2-3. I’d hope zero but things getting tense.

  9. I’d love another one too. This latest covid-19 variant I got fucked me up.

  10. The inflation rate is a metric determined on the average inflation of a basket of goods. It doesn't mean that all items inflated by the same %. Some goods went up way more, some actually went down (for example gym weights have actually been going down in price recently).

  11. I’m aware of that. I just currently have covid and am not typing a lot or explaining well.

  12. Fair enough. I had the same issue when I had covid.

  13. Oh yeah! Brain fog paired with exhaustion is a bad mix lol ugh

  14. It’s a National Park. You’ll do no such thing.

  15. Did Russia not annex some of Georgia while under Putin? And the Russian people kept supporting him? Well, now you can reap what you sow.

  16. I don't know how I could have made this obvious joke more obvious.

  17. Yup. Cops rarely act when they should. Too busy harassing people who aren’t a legitimate threat to society.

  18. Glad I’m not in town right now. I just love getting harassed for little to no reason by armed grade 10 graduates.

  19. This thread proves reddit is mainly inhabited by edgy teenagers

  20. ….Or people who are curious about something. Which is basically the purpose of Reddit.

  21. I hate that. Some people simply don’t respect others time. I’m in similar situations. Like stop trying to validate your worth by saying the same thing repeatedly.

  22. I’m out of the loop on why people don’t like tammy, did she do something shitty?

  23. She seems to have lost it. Her Twitter gets fairly mental at times.

  24. Apparently 15% is now not good enough for even low service….which is mental frankly.

  25. Gmen Karage for fried chicken

  26. What a joke. People need to start boycotting this shit. My God that’s brutal.

  27. I feel bad knowing that when they divorced, they both died alone with broken hearts. It also though horrifying that she kept it a secret for an egregious amount of time. I don’t know how to feel at the moment.

  28. Oh I know, I know. I’m just sad for both of them. Even if you deserve it, at that age? Ugh :(

  29. Does anyone know if Regina Police have their Air Support Unit in service now? We need two more patrol aircraft in this province, one to cover the Trans Canada corridor and one for the Yellow Head highway.

  30. They don’t because they’re idiots. Like actually not yet somehow

  31. True. I didn’t like when they renovated and increased their prices a ton though. That’s on the business, not the customer.

  32. Joe's Deli on Park and Ross make a great sub for under $10. Pro Tip, if you're really hungry, get it "Joe Sized"!

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