And we watched this as kids 😂

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  1. I actually did this part for the first time recently and it was easier than I thought it would be.

  2. They were just nonstop slaughtering people until Christ came around.

  3. When I play Rein I get minimum 6 pins a match without charging into the enemy 1v6 like a dipshit.

  4. If the game would register when I actually do hit other players, then it might have this longevity. As of now, even if OW2 is a worse game, it has better netcode. All of the fun gameplay in the world is useless if my output as a player is negated by something as unwavering as ping or tick rate.

  5. With how Overwatch 2 is shaping up, I basically accepted my two options will probably be Paladins, or Gundam to scratch my hero shooter itch and honestly, Gundam's fast pace has me hooked. Guess it comes down to how much support the game gets

  6. My mom always tells me to never mix milk and fish, since that would poison me.

  7. Actually sleeping with socks is good for you since it keeps your extremities warm. It promotes better sleep.

  8. I remember when being woke meant to be aware and not letting yourself get tricked or caught sleeping. But that was 6 years ago.

  9. Felt more legitimate to me. Also, didn't want to have to look up guides to find the best magic build and where to get more spells and shit.

  10. Who’s the guy who punched him? I thought it was Superboy at first, but wrong universe.

  11. It actually was not bad by me at all. Just a bit of foliage in the yard.

  12. The second your turn 7 you learn the “joy to the world Barney is dead” song.

  13. We sang these songs as jokes because they were funny. Like Popeyes weiner blowing up. But never really hated Barney.

  14. He still had to merge at the end. It like when you are waiting in line and a bunch of dickheads just stay in the lane that needs to merge and push their way in.

  15. This point just ignores the rise of GaaS titles, regional pricing in many areas being outright a scam, and microtransactions in general.

  16. Yeah, nintendo is super well known for their gaas titles and microtransactions too.

  17. this entire article is bullet points, like it’s the summary of a larger article they haven’t yet published, which is a bit annoying. Anyways i found this interesting:

  18. Testers are the lowest of the low on the rung. To the point that I live in Orlando and EA advertises to take mfs off the street to test. Tweeting about the state of a game you are testing is probably a big nono.

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